Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Careful when dealing with IG how this scammer got nabbed.

My cousin is getting married in a few weeks.
As I love weddings, she has been keeping me updated with wedding plans. She is not a regular online shopper but she had seen a pair of sparkly shoes she liked on the page of an Instagram vendor.
Who is an instagram vendor?
Well, several enterprising entrepreneurs (and a few scammers) sell their goods via Instagram. They typically display photos of what is available for sale, include an email address and/or phone number (for calls and WhatsApp) where they can be contacted and buyers pay into their bank accounts. With the high cost of rent, power and other accompanying business costs, Instagram has helped lots of small businesses and entrepreneurs reach their clientele.
In many cases, these transactions work well with minimal fuss.
Back to my cousin, this past weekend, she messaged saying the shoes had not been delivered yet despite promises from the vendor and full payment on her part.
How the Scammer got Nabbed
Coincidentally, I was scrolling through my insta feed and saw a series of posts by@nhn_couture. She was “exposing” an Instagram Shopping scammer. It was the same person my cousin had bought from!
You can see a selection of the screenshots below;
In summary,
  • He had approached her to post a flyer about his business on her page, she declined but decided to support him by purchasing items worth over N90,000 from him for her daughter.
  • She paid into the specified account
  • The items never arrived
  • Instead, he blocked her on Instagram
  • She put her investigative hat on and managed to find out his real name (he used someone else’s bank account to receive payment)
  • Since then, he has been pleading with her, coming up with all sorts of excuses and stories.
hustle is real… This was the mgs he sent to me. So guys be careful who you help advertise and who you buy from here on social media. I suspected him when I asked his acct details and he sent a personal acct of a lady. Then I quickly went through his post and saved all his personal pix b4 he blocked me. He was shocked I have his real details plus where he is and the girl he used her acct. When I called him this morning on his real number which he didn’t give me, he was shocked hence all the beggingjoyjoy So guys be very very careful.
The Begging Texts

I was sent a dm by this @unique_house_of_glamour person to help advertise his page on my page. I ask what they do and he/she said he sells children/adult shoes. I said to him I don’t advertise pple I dnt know but I will place orders first for my daughter and if it’s good I will advertise him.. I order a set of shoes for my son/daughter for 93k. But unknown to him I did a bank transfer and got his details from my SSSjoy.. HE FORGOT I AM A MILITARY WIFE. SINCE FRIDAY I DIDN’T SEE THE ORDERED AND HE QUICKLY BLOCKED ME FROM HIS PAGE… he didn’t know I have his original details bcos they number on his page is fake. This morning I called his real number he picked and I introduced myself but he kept quiet. I then sent him a mgs and here is his reply. WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS?

I replied his last message and asked him why didn’t he just ask me for help instead of what he did. And here is his reply… Already my people are going to pick up the girl he used her bank details and him too will be picked up. Do you think my actions are wrong? His full details are with my pple and HD will be picked up soon.

Unfortunately, most victims will not get their money back. Hopefully this will help prevent others from falling into the trap of these thieves.
Source: Bella Naija.


  1. I think those who fall a victim choose to be. If you are not buying from a reliable vendor, the transaction must be pay on delivery. Simple logic.

    As big as Konga and Jumia in Nigeria, I don't use another payment option order than pay on delivery. Haba!

    1. That's true though, see the items before paying for them.

  2. Well its also her fault. Why will you pay before getting the goods
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  3. People just need to be careful while dealing with people online..a lot of crooks on here mehn.

  4. If you don't deliver my goods,i not paying you one kobo.
    Na so the money easy to find?

  5. These fraudsters have now devised various means of defrauding unsuspecting people. We all need to be very careful

  6. Reasons y i always insist on payment on delivery. This scammers need serious punishment. This guys should be used as scapegoats, so dat others can learn from it. But that lady sef, y pay that huge amount of money 2 someone you don't know! Well she has learnt in a very bad way.

  7. Lolz saw this somewhere. Stupid fraudsters. Thank God i don't do online shopping for now

  8. ahahahhahahhahaha them plenty for IG

    I have personal encounter with those scammers sef...After duping you, they will delete you right away

    Even payment on delivery, one needs to be careful so its better you meet in a public place.

  9. Sigh
    Trust has been abused really

  10. He met his match. Serves him right and I hope other scammers will take a cue from this. Scamming does not pay....

  11. Its hard to trust anyone really, especially on the internet. But good thing she got all the vital information about the fraudster.

  12. Thank God she was able to get the guy information. Truth must be told the woman was careless to pay such an amount of money for goods she has not seen.

  13. One has to be very careful especially with online buying here in naija. There are some reliable sights that screen the vendors before they display their goods.

  14. That's why I don't do online shopping


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