Monday, 29 June 2015

Miscarriage? not to worry hope still lies ahead.

I'm about to tell a bit of a sad tale concerning a loss I experienced some years ago‎, it was actually a miscarriage I had. I didn't ever get to hold my child but the loss hurts deeply till date as I felt  I already had the connection with the unborn baby the moment he/she was fertilized in my womb.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

My inspiration and the need to get the kids busy.

It's exactly a week I started blogging and so far it's been exciting. I have gotten so much blog views that's unbelievable to achieve under a week, thanks to all of you who made it possible and also gotten wonderful and encouraging comments on all posts, I can't thank CG,sweet dee, Miss Chrissy, Tee hills, Adefunke and all the anonymous commenters enough  

Working on a budget or just a cheapskate?

We all know most Naija parents are all struggling financially, the economy isn't so much favorable currently. Whilst many are having it all rosy and easy going financially many are still on the average in earnings. I'm a working mother so is my husband, the love we have for our kids has made us to sacrifice a lot personally and  cut cost on personal needs just to make them not lack in any area of their lifes as we did while growing up.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

How much is too much in protecting a girl child?

 A man asked for a lady's hand in marriage and her father gave him this form to fill. After reading the form, he told his potential father-in-law that he needed to use the rest room which he obliged.

What to expect after child birth.

Like I always say, my posts are entirely my experiences and suggestions are from my point of view, always seek a professional medical advice if unsure of what you going through or experiencing. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

The story of my 30days weight loss challenge!!

Few of this blog vistors sent me mails and were quite curious as to how I lost a whopping ‎18kg in 30days(1month) and some dropped comments in my previous post asking me to explain in details how I was able to achieve it.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

The need to be more careful when the kids are there.

It happened a friend of mine lost a 17week old pregnancy and only told me the tragic news today while I was at work. I promised to check on her unfailingly today to console and encourage her been that i've been there and I sure know how painfully it is. I'll narrate my ordeal on my miscarriage on a stand alone post. 

Ways to reset when suffering from postpartum depression.

Postpartum Depression is a very misunderstood & common thing that many moms go through to one degree or another.  I'm currently on the tail end (so it seems) of suffering from Postpartum Depression and have been suffering from it since Lindsey was about 9 months old -- I didn't realize it could start that late!  It is a really challenging thing to go through.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My hilarious pregnancy cravings.

I just thought of the stunts I pulled in all my pregnancies and decided to share it , when I say stunts I actually mean those moments you crave certain things and you throw tantrums at your husband just to get what you want. 

The evil called postpartum fat!

In recent times i've noticed Naija women have become more conscious of their postpartum ‎ body. The desire to loose all the baby fat, flat tommy and a banging body is what every woman looks forward to immediately she puts to birth.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Panic attack or just karma?

I had a terrible panic attack ‎ today or is it karma i'd call it? I am yet to recover fully from the shock as I type. Ok, let me gist you guys what happened today. My last baby didn't go to school today, she is on observation after a breakdown from flu a couple of days ago. My vehicle broke down last night as well and my In-law lent me his spare vehicle to run around while mine was in for repairs.

A blessing or not?

There is nothing as heartbreaking as an unplanned pregnancy from a failed family planning method. ‎ It took me me about five months to come to terms with my third pregnancy, how could the trusted shot my Dr give me fail me woefully? He assured me I was covered for 3months only for me to take in the following month. At first I didn't want to to come to terms with the  reality I was pregnant but the pregnancy home test kit was looking at me in two bright red lines which means positive.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Maids, are they really a necessary evil?

When it comes to the issue of employing  house maids i'm scared stiff, ah! I don tire for dia wahala! The first ever maid I employed prior to my first delivery claimed to be 23years old. Blessing started off quite well  the first few weeks but I started noticing changes after I put to birth, her job description was basically cleaning the house and nothing more. She doesn't cook nor do my laundry, she doesn't even look after my little baby. 

challenges of been a mom 2.

The challenge of been a mom  doubles when the kids are all home from school, as easy it sounds getting Josh, Esther and Lydia to take a shower and change into their house clothes‎ doesn't ever happen so easily. My mother-In-law would always say it's only a phase and it'll pass...Gosh! I can't wait, like seriously.  

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Fun and challenges of motherhood.

   As a working mom to four kids in Nigeria which is  a developing country in Africa is a tough challenge, with no domestic staff to assist with chores within the house i'm left with no other choice but to  wake up way earlier than the rest of the family members to make sure breakfast is ready, lunch is packed and ensuring everyone especially the kids are prepared for school Before 7am.

Happy Father's day!!!

I'm really excited today is Father's day, without Father's there would have been no mothers, they make us to shine, they make us to draw our most inner strengths to be the best mothers and home keepers, father's are awesome
     Thank you fathers for providing for us, protecting us and risking your lives day and night to make sure we are happy. God bless all real father's out there.

Greetings from a typical naija mom.

Welcome to my blog! I appreciate your coming in here to check out the blog. It promises to be interesting, full of suspense and
 Anyway, the blog is basically going to be about a typical day to day activities of a working Nigerian mom, i'll also post culled publications from some other sites concerning mom's,  family issues and parenting and of cos readers can send in articles  to be featured on the blog.  As time goes on more ideas will be rolled in to make it an even more interesting site.
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