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How much is too much in protecting a girl child?

 A man asked for a lady's hand in marriage and her father gave him this form to fill. After reading the form, he told his potential father-in-law that he needed to use the rest room which he obliged.
Immediately he got to their toilet, he just scaled through it's window and ran out of the


Read the form and tell me what you would have done if you were in his shoes ! 
Over to you !


I ________ hereby apply to marry your daughter
Miss __________. I am _____
years old.

Please answer the following questions honestly.
1. Do you go to Church ? Yes/No
2. Do you have a degree or diploma? Yes/No
3. Are you still a virgin? Yes/No
4. Are you working? Yes/No
5. Is the range of your income within a year between five hundred thousand and a million dollars? Yes/No
6.Do you have a credible car? Yes/No

If your answer to any of the above questions is NO, do not continue. Leave my house immediately and don't look back. If all your answers are YES, 

Then continue...

1. In 50 words or more, Describe the disadvantages of cheating in marriage.
2. With the aid of a diagram, Explain how you can give respect to your father in- law and mother in-law.
3. Suppose your wife says "Honey, I need money to fix my hair at the saloon", what would be your answer ?
4. Explain any TEN causes of divorce.
5. What does the term 'good husband' mean to you?

This joke really cracked me up, like seriously I can't stop laughing. After I read it out to my husband his seriousness even made it funnier, he didn't seem to find it funny. when I probed him he said I wouldn't understand what goes through a man's mind when he fears his little Angel's heart is about to be toiled by a man  in the Web of love . He further said the questionnaire isn't enough to even prove his love for his daughter, he reminded me how my father made him pass through an emotional endurance test Before he could give out my hand in marriage and he thinks he was totally in line because he wanted to be sure who he was. 

Hmmm...that got me thinking actually, women been the emotionally weaker ones suffer more when there is a breakdown in the relationship. 
This takes my down memory lane, a little over 10years ago when I announced to my parents I was about to get married, my mom was excited and gave me her support but dad was a bit skeptical. He asked me over and over if I loved my husband and my answer was always a yes! He did same to my husband and my husband gave my dad every assurance he wasn't going to hurt me. We eventually settled for a date for the proposed traditional and white wedding, about 3months to the date my dad cancelled the wedding saying he still needs to do a back ground check on my husband Before we get married.
Surprisingly ‎my husband wasn't moved, my would be in-laws came and pleaded with my dad and sent emissaries as well as they felt it was just a ploy to frustrate my husband out of the marriage plans. He was adamant at first but eventually gave his final blessings and we eventually got married happily.  
When my first daughter clocked a year old  my husband suggested we bring home a rottweiler dog and I asked him, why? Because we live in a very secured environment. He said it's to protect perverts from his daughter. Ah! Really? I couldn't help but have a good laugh.  ‎I'm not a fan of dogs so I declined despite the pressures from him. I eventually had a son and he said I shouldn't bother about the dog anymore as his son will protect his older sister....lmao.

These are two different instances, the former is a joke but makes quite some sense while the latter is a real life narration. This brings me to ask this question: is this extreme measure necessary to protect a girl child in our present society? Please share your view in the comment section. I'm not perfect either myself your suggestions will help me and hundreds of viewers that visit this blog everyday.

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  1. The joke had me in stitches! It would take an extremely courageous man to move to Part B of that questionnaire.

    OMG!! Your Dad cancelled the planned trad? O ga oh! At least he is now assured you are in safe hands.....

    The girl child can never ever be safe enough. Respect, respect and more respect needs to be drummed into the upbringing of the menfolk. LOL at your DH and her brothers protecting their women.

    1. When I got the joke as a BC, I couldn't help but relate to's very funny.

      Thanks for your input @calabar girl.

  2. heheheheh# men eh.... they can never protect their female daughters enough... maybe its because they know whom they are#


  3. My Dad is like that too... They don't want their daughters to get hurt both emotionally n physically


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