Monday, 7 December 2015

Funny but true, these are what you will never be told about marriage.

When I saw the image above on someone's BlackBerry dp and a message on her status showing emoticons of "rolling on the floor and laughing",
I mean this particular  annoying one with the emoticon clinching his fist with the unmistakable sarcastic laughter with also a "tongue out" emoticon. I suddenly couldn't place which was more annoying, the display picture or the emoticoned status update?

Now, from the outside marriage is so attractive and beautiful but on the inside it isn't a place for the faint hearted. If your entire prayer point this year was to get married, think again and ask yourself if really you are ready to weather the marriage storm?

Here are some facts you should know about marriage, they may not look challenging but it's good you know what you getting into;

1. The men may be genetically predisposed to cheat.
Deal with this with utmost wisdom and the men remember hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

2. There are ways to perfect that imperfect  partner.
If you believe you can change a man or a woman go right ahead. 

3. Love isn't just enough to sustain a marriage, friendship does.
So true on this...friendship matters most.

4. Marriage doesn't translate to frequent sex.
Yes! You could go for weeks without sex. 

5. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage but a well managed marriage. 
Yes, never believe the lie of, "my home is perfect".

6. Marriage does not translate to satisfaction in life.
Absolutely no need to explain further.

7. It's the wife's duty to build the home, men provide the tools needed.
Never let her efforts go unappreciated or unguided.

8. Greater percent of discipline/ parenting should be left to the wife.
Let's face it, women are better at this. Kids tend to despise there fathers when they assume this role. 

9. However you eat to your fill outside make sure you reserve some space for the one at home if you love peace. 
We hate to see our food go wasting. 

10. Couples who lived together before engagement are likely to divorce after marriage. 
This is to those campus couples, una hear?

11. The first three years in marriage is the toughest period. 
Quite true, Dh and I argued quite a lot. It's termed marital teething period. 

12. With the emergence of children, love between spouses tend to drop as attention is been shifted to kids.
Let's face it, we can't help it. 

13. No sex in a marriage has a much more powerful negative impact on a marriage than good sex has a positive impact.
Try never to attempt this, it breeds unnecessary tension in marriages.

 On a final note, stop side lining singles just because they ain't handcuffed, we ain't really so much better than them. Embrace them and teach them what lies ahead of them marital wise.

Did I miss any? Add yours too...


  1. Hmmmmm, can't wait to get married at the same time am scared

  2. Marriage thrives and succeeds on the bedrock of true forgiveness and true forgiveness can only be achieved through GOD!

  3. Wow you nailed it with this post. Marriage is not that throne where you go to cross your legs and enjoy. I hope a lit of people can understand that marriage needs to be "well managed" for it to work.
    Massive respect for the post

  4. Some marriages sef dey scare person these days but i no look their side, mine will be awesome....

  5. Number 3 is the summary of all.
    I tell people, love doesn't sustain any relationship, when the chips are down, if both of you ain't friends, things will fall apart.
    While growing up, because of my experience, I never wanted to marry but now, I'm determined not to make same mistakes my parents made.
    God give us homes built firm upon the saviour...

    1. Marriage is awesome don't get me wrong, the reward is so worth it. I will do it over and over again.

  6. Very true..... Let me think small and I'll come back and add some tips as well....

    I think I love Golden rule No 1 - "The wife is always right" LOL!!

    1. Unless the man hates peace,he had better adhere to the

  7. Gud I dey single.... Godwin for now till I plural.

  8. If u are single u are probably not complete and when u marry u are finished.....

  9. Lovely post Naija Mom. Many people go into marriage with the notion that it's a bed of roses. Truth be told, marriage has its ups and downs, but it's a beautiful thing when the people involved know what they're doing.

    1. Thank you, the bottom line is that marriage is sweet.

  10. Lovely Post.
    God make our homes an heaven on earth in Jesus Name.

  11. This is so true. Marriage has its ups and downs. But the joy surpasses other things. I chose marriage all the way. The Secret is get ready and allow God to direct u to chose the right man and u are good to go. Thanks for sharing this naija mom

    1. Exactly! It is only matured minds that can stay married.

  12. Spot on!to cap it all, most importantly is the God factor,always invite him into your home.

    But recently two of my friends called that they want to file for divorce, I noticed the high rate of domestic violence in newlyweds home. It scares me Like, is this what marriage is all about?

  13. Marriage is a bed of roses. People just need reminding that roses comes with thorns.

  14. Marriage is a bed of roses. People just need reminding that roses comes with thorns.

  15. p. Either sweet or tough we go rock ham. Though not this year. Few days to go already

  16. New comer on ur blog. Nice one.

  17. Marriage is sweet with the right one. I always advice young ladies to make sure the love is more from the man. The issue of domestic violence is becoming too much this days and so scary. Lord help us o.

    Naija mommy how you doing?

  18. Nice one Naijamom. You're so on point. Marriage is just beautiful with the right person.

  19. That's nice, I pray we'll all settle with the right person.


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