Saturday, 27 June 2015

What to expect after child birth.

Like I always say, my posts are entirely my experiences and suggestions are from my point of view, always seek a professional medical advice if unsure of what you going through or experiencing. 

After delivery the first thing I noticed was low sex drive, i'd say it wasn't even their at all. Have you experienced this as well? Don't worry you ain't alone and it's totally expected in some women after child birth. From the little online research I did, I learned that estrogen levels that rise during pregnancy drops after delivery. Secondly, I think sex became least on my priority list as i was a lot more concerned with looking after and caring for the new born baby‎ and other family needs and suddenly didn't bother about craving romantic moments with my husband. Not to worry, after few months I got me groove back. Though many women don't get their sex drive back after few months, seek professional medical advice on it as it could be hormonal or thyroid issues and also it's totally up to the man to help her get back her groove on. Getting angry and agitated wouldn't solve a thing on this. Be patient, show her more love, help her nurse the young one and possibly help in some home chores too, take her out on romantic dates as well and believe me her sex drive will return in no time
The second change i noticed was my feet ain't fitting into my favorite shoe‎s anymore, that can be a bit depressing. This is as a result of oedema (swelling of your feet) from my last trimester pregnancy. With lots of rest and drop in salt intake, it went in few weeks. 

Thirdly, my breasts! Hehehehe...well, few days after delivery It doubled in size and damn I looked Sexy! ‎When I stopped breast feeding after several months, my burst size dropped by1cup which is totally normal, the firmness turned into saggy  boobs and note the more kids you have the more likely your boobs will sag even more. What do you expect? What ever goes up must surely... 

Lastly, after my first delivery I expected my tommy go flat almost immediately. There I was a week post delivery and I looked like I had a baby still growing in me. I was made to understand my uterus takes an average of 6-8weeks to get back to its pre-pregnacy size. My vegatable and fruits diets helped a lot and some women swore waist trainers helped them to get rid of the post pregnancy bulge. 

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  1. Hmmnnnnnn quite enlightening. I have large feet right now (size 9/43) and dread to think that it will grow even larger. Wearing a size 10 sometime in the future is not something I am looking forward to. I have been in a shoe shop and this size 12-14 lady came in and asked for a size 14. I had to do a double take. Size 14? I am having enough difficulty finding size 9 and can only imagine the trauma she is going through searching for her size 14 shoes. Ok - the saying count your blessings comes to mind.

    I pray my boobs do not increase with pregnancy. I am already a 'Dolly Parton' and dread to think what will happen if they explode any more in size than they already are.... (smile).

    Dang!! Naija Mom - you just made me write an epistle!! Came from the Seyi Shay post on Lailas blog.....

  2. Lols @calabar girl not everyone gets swollen feet when pregnant, at least I didn't. However, my breast went from a B cup to a double D. It's back to normal tho to my utmost sadness.

    Nice post/blog naija mum, I will be visiting.

  3. hmmmm... i wonder what would happen to me when i get pregnant..i justpray my boobs get bigger!lol

  4. My feet was swollen, it got 2 a point dat wen I go out over sabi people will start lecturing me that I should go n meet all these native people 2 give me herbs 2 stop d swelling lol


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