Friday, 26 June 2015

The story of my 30days weight loss challenge!!

Few of this blog vistors sent me mails and were quite curious as to how I lost a whopping ‎18kg in 30days(1month) and some dropped comments in my previous post asking me to explain in details how I was able to achieve it.
I earlier stated some women shed weight effortlessly while some find it difficult and maybe lazy to achieve it. Some expect an over night change. Since you didn't add the weight over night you can't loose so fast and easily.  

Disclaimer: This post is entirely my weight loss experience and views on weight loss guide. It's always advised you not suffering from any heart or lung ailment Before you embark on a weight loss journey.  ‎

These are few basic recommended items you'll need to purchase Before you begin your exercise: dumb bells(10kg precisely), sit up bench(optional) you can always improvise and  a skipping rope. ‎
Week 1 exercise: I started by skipping, ‎I barely completed 20 skips and was exhausted. It's always good to get an instructor or training partner who is willing to push you beyond your limits. Why I chose Lydia my daughter to do the counts is because she just learned how to count 1-100 and she felt every count must end in 100, imagine the dissapointment if I stop at 20 or 30. Perfect emotional blackmail, it pushed me to at least get close to hundred in every exercise I did. 

I lifted the 10kg dumb bells, one in each hand making it 20kg in total about 20times as well. It helps in firming up the bursts and shedding fats around your arm.‎  The entire training session lasted about an hour each day the  first week.
I didn't do sit-ups the 1st week as my body was experiencing serious muscle pulls due to the skipping and weight lift I did the first couple of days. 
At this point many women back out due to the muscle pull aches but I didn't give up. A deep tissue massage eased the pains.  

Week 1 dieting: First thing , I stopped eating pounded yam and all other forms of fufu‎. No soda, chips/fries, chicken, beef, bacon and I reduced my sugar intake generally which I replaced with honey. No chocolate drink for me too(milo, ovaltine etc) till date. I consumed lots of fresh ginger root and lime tea as my breakfast with a slice of  wheat bread sandwich. I iced up some batches of the ginger and lime tea and consume them when ever i'm thirsty. I took lots of vegetable salad and ate fruits as my dinner which were basically water melon, pineapple, apples and cucumbers. The positive effect was the constant bowel movement. 

Week 2 and 3 exercise ‎: I was ready to impress my kids with my skills this time around and not disappoint Lydia especially, with more determination I I crossed the 30skips I did the previous week, they cheered on as I crossed I couldn't go beyond 70skips as I was really tired, next was to attempt sit-ups. I sat on a flat surface on the floor, Josh and Esther held my feet tightly  to the floor while I did the sit-ups. They made me to run round the building several laps, Gosh! Kids are really energetic. Good thing I was allowed to rest at intervals. This time around I saw myself training for more than 3hours at a stretch.

4th and final week: I was making over hundred skips, 50sit-up‎, brisk walking and running too. On this final week I decided I was going to train morning and evening everyday. Even when I see myself loosing hope I think of why I started in the first place, the excitement on my kids face because they think it's play time with Mommy gladdened my heart as well. I worked even harder and rested well too. I didn't compromise my diet for even a split second. I stuck to my strict vegetables and fruits diet and took plenty of water to avoid dehydration. 
Though, I got few comments the previous week saying I lost some  weight, trust some Naija people to ask me if all was well with me and my home...Lmao. I was only waiting to climb the weighing scale to reveal the actual amount of weight i lost. On that faithful Sunday morning after taking a dump I decided to check my weight in my birth suit. I doubted my calculation after checking and cross checking, Lo and behold I lost 18kg!!!

Waist trainers did the rest of the magic in my tommy area, I eventually got used to wearing it often, I still waist train till date. ‎Ofcos! I still exercise and watch what I eat strictly.



  1. it is not fair oo *covers face*. idieted and excercised religiously andonly lost about 5kg..rightnow, my weight is just fluctuating.. i loose, then i gain..thanks for stopping by :-)

  2. Keep trying dear, don't give up!

    Thanks *hugs*

  3. 18kg in one month!! that is inspiring. The highest I have ever achieved is 5kg in one month and it always jumps back onto my bones when I start eating normally the next month.

    Cutting out carbs and sugar is a tried and tested avenue. Now all I have to do is train my lips and mind to zone out all those carbs and sugar in the form of cakes, chocolate and cookies everyone at work seems to delight in sharing..... *sigh*

  4. My weight is okay butt my tommy has refused 2 reduce. I look like am pregnant and am not fat o. Tried girdle but it didn't work

  5. Kudos. Disciple is the watch word. I wish i can let go of bread and cakes.*sigh*

  6. Wow!!!!!!
    Kudos to you! ( and thank you for visiting my blog and bringing me here!)
    Your determination has definitely given me the motivation I need to take this seriously.
    I should give you a positive feedback soon.

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