Thursday, 25 June 2015

The need to be more careful when the kids are there.

It happened a friend of mine lost a 17week old pregnancy and only told me the tragic news today while I was at work. I promised to check on her unfailingly today to console and encourage her been that i've been there and I sure know how painfully it is. I'll narrate my ordeal on my miscarriage on a stand alone post. 

When I got to her home I met her niece and her two kids playing on the patio, I asked for their Mommy and I was told she was in the shower I decided to sit on the lawn chair at the patio and  wait for her. Muna the older of the kids whom is so fund of my older son asked after him and I promised i'll bring Josh over for a play date soon. I'd say Muna is quite an overly active kid that talks a bit too much ‎, before I could even rehearse my first line of consolation I wanted to offer his Mommy he had narrated 10different stories. How his daddy bought him a tablet device, took him to Games, bought him a swatch wrist watch and so on...he went on to say he loves his daddy so much but he beats mummy a lot. My ears  stood as I heard that last story,
" your daddy beats your  Mommy"? I Asked Muna.
He said yes confidently and added his Daddy only beats Mummy at night and quickly started giving sexual movements to show how Daddy beats Mommy. I was too shocked to say a word, I began to wonder what this little dude have been exposed to this early in life. How could his parents be so careless to practice the precious moments in front of their son? Enough of the entertainment I said to myself, I quickly told him to remind his Mommy I was around. 

When she came we exchanged pleasantries and I consoled her sincerely and promised her God will always replace every loss in her life. She expressed her gratitude and offered me a malt drink. We talked a bit on current affairs and life generally and I announced my intention to leave. She asked to take a walk with me since I wasn't mobile, on our way I decided to tell her of the "special"‎ Mommy and Daddy fight Muna told me about. She obviously was embarrassed but that wasn't my aim, my aim was make her aware it isn't the right thing to do in front of minors even though you think they are asleep. 

She threatened to spank Muna, well, I didn't discourage her from doing that, an 8years old boy should learn what to say and what not to say. ‎

On this note I urge parents to be discrete with there bedroom activities around their kids. ‎ Don't assume they are kids and don't know what you both are doing or they are sleeping. Suspend or take it elsewhere if around minors, you could ignorantly be teaching them something very wrong, you wouldn't want them to practice it on someone else's kid, would you? 


  1. say the darndest things..

  2. Wow......... Parens truly need to be very careful,last week while I was at my hairdresser's shop,anoda kid(a girl) who came to play in dere shop put d hairdresser's kid's penis in her mouth,n do u knw hw I knew she wasn't just playin ignorantly,they covered themselves with a wrapper,d boy was sittin on a chair while d girl was standin,to say I was shocked is an understatement,when d girl's mother wanted 2 beat her,I told her she wud b offending God cos d lil girl was just practisin what she saw,may God help us all

  3. Oh God of mercy! We parents need to be a lot more cautious.

  4. They were making out while their son was in the room? How old is their son? Between 3 - 7? SMH at them!! I hope they nip that in the bud asap!!

  5. Hmmmn..... In this our 21st century.... Kids know more than u think they know.... That was how my li2 sister touched my back and said 'Hmmmn your bf is enjoying oooo' U say what? She repeated it and I was quite shocked!

  6. It is getting really bad in today's society especially here in the states!! I am a teacher and I have had 11yr old girls say things like, "Mr. Ross you have such nice eyes" or "you are so cute". When I tell their mums they respond with, "at least they're not lying"!! Can you imagine?! Smh!!
    P.S. These are not Nigerian children or Nigerian mums obviously Lol


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