Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ways to reset when suffering from postpartum depression.

Postpartum Depression is a very misunderstood & common thing that many moms go through to one degree or another.  I'm currently on the tail end (so it seems) of suffering from Postpartum Depression and have been suffering from it since Lindsey was about 9 months old -- I didn't realize it could start that late!  It is a really challenging thing to go through.

Some days I'm stuck in a funk... a Postpartum funk, where I just don't feel like normal happy self, have low patience and where I snap at my kids, where I'm very overwhelmed & where I'm really hard on myself.  I've been discovering a few things that have helped me (to one degree or another) and I'd like to share them with you in hopes that they might help you, too.

I know that everyone's experiences are very different, so these may or may not work for you.  

Disclaimer:  Please see a doctor if you think you might be suffering from PPD or are not feeling like yourself at any time after having your baby - even up to 1 year after having your baby.  I personally am taking some low-dose medicine.  I have found that the following ideas can help boost my mood in conjunction with taking my medicine regularly.  I'm not saying these ideas will cure you, I am just suggesting things in hopes that they will help you that day.

Ways to Reset When Suffering From Postpartum Depression

Get out of the house.
Some days, getting out of the house seems too overwhelming.  Sometimes it's just not possible (for whatever reason), but I've found that more often than not, when I get out of the house, it helps boost my mood a little bit. 

Sit in the sun.
I've noticed that sun helps me to feel better.  When springtime hit, it was an instant boost for me.  If it's too cold outside, I'll open up the binds and have a nap in the sunlight.   

Talk to an adult.
You don't have to talk to the adult about your PPD if you don't want to.  I've just found that when I talk to someone (even just saying hi to a stranger), that helps me to feel a little bit better. 

Take a nap.
I know with kids this isn't always possible, but when I can it helps me!  I've noticed I snap more often at my kids when I'm tired, so if I make a nap for myself a priority, it often helps me to be a more kind mommy.  :)

Eat healthy.
This is a hard one for me.  I don't eat enough in the first place, then when I do eat, I mostly just have time to snack.  I've noticed, though, when I take some time to put my health as a priority, I feel better.  I've learned that what you put into your body really does matter and make a difference.

Serve others.
This can be really hard to do sometimes, but it is always worth it!  If you can't get out and do something "big", just shoot a text to someone & let them know you were thinking about them.  Or better yet, write thank you cards with your kids.  {insert shameless plug here}  If you're wanting some easy ideas for how you can serve with your kids, sign up for my Mommy & Me Monthly Service Challenge

Count your blessings.
One day, I was having a particularly hard PPD morning, so the girls and I went for a walk.  While we were on the walk, I played "I like" with Paige instead of "I spy".  It was fun to hear the things she was grateful for (she said she liked the colors purple and pink many times that game...) and fun for me to focus on the positive things in my life since I was so down.  I highly recommend doing this if you can!  If you don't have anyone to play "I like" with, write down 5 things you're grateful for, or say a prayer of thanks.

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  1. Hmmmnnnn an eye opener. Post partum depression is real. Identifying it is key and acting upon it works wonders. Hope you feel better now... Hugs and kisses to your little ones..

  2. Oh sure! It's often ignored in this part of the world little do they know it's a silent killer.


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