Sunday, 21 June 2015

Happy Father's day!!!

I'm really excited today is Father's day, without Father's there would have been no mothers, they make us to shine, they make us to draw our most inner strengths to be the best mothers and home keepers, father's are awesome
     Thank you fathers for providing for us, protecting us and risking your lives day and night to make sure we are happy. God bless all real father's out there.


  1. Don't we all love our fathers? They are forever heroes in our eyes and can do no wrong.

    I wrote a birthday post for my Father (ages ago) and did not realise my love for him was that strong. Tears were literally running down my cheeks by the time I finished the post. *sigh*

    Oh well, enough about me - a shout out to all loving and able fathers out there!!


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