Sunday, 21 June 2015

Fun and challenges of motherhood.

   As a working mom to four kids in Nigeria which is  a developing country in Africa is a tough challenge, with no domestic staff to assist with chores within the house i'm left with no other choice but to  wake up way earlier than the rest of the family members to make sure breakfast is ready, lunch is packed and ensuring everyone especially the kids are prepared for school Before 7am.
      I just console myself while at it that my fellow women in the western world mostly don't have maids or nannies and they pull through quite well. But come to think of it, they have a government and an economy that works in favour of its citizens, a judicial system that protects their rights if need be and a legislative system that enforces the law but in Naija? Hmmmm...Na God be your helper 
       The change we craved and clamored for is finally here, we are now keeping our fingers crossed it sees the light of the day. 
      No doubt I love my job being a mom but it's tasking I must say but unwilling to exchange it for the priciest gold or diamond. 
       While driving to drop the kids at school i'm faced another parenting challenge....whew! "Mom? Esther is in my space" that's Josh reporting his little sister. "Mom? Josh hit me" Esther is counter reporting, i'm trying as much as possible to be calm now not ruin all our morning. I warn both of them to be calm or I spank them.
   Just to look through my rear view mirror i see the last of my kids waving at everyone we drive past, Oh Gosh! Why do all kids do this?  Thankfully, I was approaching the school premises. I can't wait to drop them off let me have few hours of my sanity. 
     I head straight to my work place after dropping my children at school and won't have a minute rest until it's 2pm, thank God i'm considered a nursing mother. ‎I rush straight to pick them up again we off to the house, Esther, Josh, Lydia and Prince are all excited to see Mummy, they all want to tell me all the fun learning activities they had in school at the same. Within few seconds there is so much noice in the car cos each wants to be heard thereby screaming...oh no! not again. I ask them to keep quiet and tell them to tell me one after the other how there day went in school. 
Esther, "I don't like Aunty Yemi"‎
I asked "why?" "she talks too much"
Ah! That's not a nice thing to say about your school teacher. I corrected Esther‎.
Josh, you tell me about your day at school, mummy i'm famished! Josh answered.‎
That's Josh for you, he has a super healthy appetite.
Over to you Lydia, I trust my little Lydia, she loves nursery rhymes a lot. She sang several nursery rhymes and kept urging me sing along How on earth does she expect me to know all the songs when it's not the regular row row your boat kind of nursery rhyme we sang in our days?    ‎
 Prince the quiet one sees Lydia as a mini hero and always tries to imitate her....

To be continued...


  1. Nice one...The sky is ur stepping stone

  2. LOL!! The travails - albeit loving travails of a working and loving super Naija mom!!

    1. Lol...this is actually real travails. we shall all pull through.


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