Monday, 22 June 2015

challenges of been a mom 2.

The challenge of been a mom  doubles when the kids are all home from school, as easy it sounds getting Josh, Esther and Lydia to take a shower and change into their house clothes‎ doesn't ever happen so easily. My mother-In-law would always say it's only a phase and it'll pass...Gosh! I can't wait, like seriously.  

Josh and Prince will head straight to play games on the PS4, I knew it wasn't really a good idea when daddy got it for them. I scold and scream my lungs all in an effort to get them out of their school uniforms and have a shower. Grudgingly, Josh and Prince takes their bathe while I prepare a quick lunch for them. 

Esther and Lydia are quite used to the routine and are both ready for lunch while they watch Nick JR, God bless the makers of cartoon especially Dora the Explorer it can keep my Little girls quiet for several hours and there after would want me to join them on an adventure trip. 

While cooking, i'm constantly checking up on them at  intervals especially the hyperactive boys. Been alert is vital to all mothers, kids in a split second can hurt themselves. It all starts from curiosity, they want to try the impossible which often doesn't end well.

Within an hour i'm through with cooking and fed them, mind you it doesn't go easy as been explained Prince needs to be fed by me while the rest help themselves. Teaching them basic table manners can never be over emphasized.
"Stop talking while eating"‎ is what I keep reminding them at every meal time. 

After lunch I send them inside to get there home work done while I load the washing machine ‎with the dirty clothes and tidy up the kitchen, it never goes smoothly as planned  Esther is always the first to come to mom reporting her siblings, i'll take a break and and settle their differences and return to my chores. Before I know it, it's already 6pm and it's time to make dinner, feed them, get the kids uniforms ironed and get them settled in bed by 9pm.

Whew! Finally I can have some rest, meditate and plan properly. Most times I feel I get myself over worked but the trials of having a maid in the house is an entirely different challenge. My next post will be on my ordeals of my maids I had in the past and why I chose to stay without one presently. ‎

See ya! Be nice to drop a comment. *kisses* ‎


  1. Welldone,its not easy to be a workin mom o,but what can one do,what with d country's economy,n maids r honestly out of d question,they've also shown me in d past,nw I have my 13yr old niece wit me,tho she's a small child herself but atleast she stays with d kids while I'm doin some chores n saves me d worry of checkiin up on them,its all good tho,I can't imagine my life without them

    1. Sweet dee, you lucky! Hold unto your niece well and train her adequately too.

  2. God is in control

  3. Life is a never ending chore! Lol!! So Naija Mom has four kids....... You've probably mentioned it in previous posts but I'm reading from the top (most recent post) down to the oldest posts.... :)

    1. Yes, I do have 4kids. Tough job but I must do


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