Sunday, 21 June 2015

Greetings from a typical naija mom.

Welcome to my blog! I appreciate your coming in here to check out the blog. It promises to be interesting, full of suspense and
 Anyway, the blog is basically going to be about a typical day to day activities of a working Nigerian mom, i'll also post culled publications from some other sites concerning mom's,  family issues and parenting and of cos readers can send in articles  to be featured on the blog.  As time goes on more ideas will be rolled in to make it an even more interesting site.
 Hey! Bookmark the page Before you go.


  1. Awww... Welcome to the blogoshpere dear.

    Please also check out my blog

  2. Thank you dear, i'll sure return the support

  3. Yes o . I've bookmarked your pages. Please keep it coming

  4. Welcome to Blogville Naija Mom!!

    First of all, I must hail you for blazing this kind of trail. 13 lovely and entertaining posts in one week - your first week in blogville! You go Girl!! You are really blazing the trail full speed ahead! We are not talking 'copy and paste' here like some other bloggers (CG comes to mind) LOL! Keep the fire (and passion) burning. This zeal is a record in blogville I'm sure. *sigh* Enough of the ass licking and hailing Naija Mom - got to go and see if I can crack/dig deep into my under utilised brain and churn out lovely posts like Naija Mom..........

    1. Ok - I spoke too soon. The count is now 14 posts (apparently a new post had been put up while I was composing my comment). June is not over yet so the count might still go up. More grease to your elbow? Or in this case may more 'lightbulb' moments come your way........

    2. Awwwww...thanks a great deal calabar girl. you sure made my day. Thanks and thanks so much again.

  5. I love your blog. Evrybit of your writeup is interesting and I could picture some scenarios especially the post on how you craved for almost evrtthing when you were pregnant. Keep it up maam. Id def stop by to read more on your experience.

  6. I love this blog already.


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