Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Panic attack or just karma?

I had a terrible panic attack ‎ today or is it karma i'd call it? I am yet to recover fully from the shock as I type. Ok, let me gist you guys what happened today. My last baby didn't go to school today, she is on observation after a breakdown from flu a couple of days ago. My vehicle broke down last night as well and my In-law lent me his spare vehicle to run around while mine was in for repairs.

I needed to do a quick transaction in a new generation bank located in a busy environment of the city, this my In-laws's vehicle has no form of security installed in it. I wasn't comfortable with the area boys around the banking vicinity, they are damn smart! They can almost steal a vehicle and put in their pockets within a blink of an eye. ‎

I looked for a considerable good spot and parked where I can see the vehicle through the window while in the banking hall. My toddler and I stepped into the banking hall and walked straight to where i'll be attended to. I constantly kept ‎ checking on the securitiless vehicle so it won't be stolen, my concentration shifted from my toddler and was divided between checking outside and the bank staff attending to me. 

I was through in no time and the panic attack came up, my toddler was nowhere to be found! What?! Where is my precious little baby?
Few days ago a blogger narrated how her son got missing in a shopping mall and I felt she overreacted. Could this  be karma trying to tell me to be more sensitive?‎
I asked the security man standing if he saw the toddle‎r, he quickly left the door post and we began a mini search party. 

I was almost in tears but trying to be strong, I was just praying my toddler isn't been molested by a sick peodophile. We opened a door to one of the back offices and I saw my little one laughing heartily with some bankers, the relieve was obvious when I saw her. They said she walked in to the office and they couldn't help but admire the chubby pretty little angel. I thought to myself, if she Were an underfed sick looking toddler you would have sent her back to her Momma, abi? I thanked them all generously and  ‎took my kid and went through the exit door, a quick scan at the area I packed the securitiless vehicle, scare number two. Ah! Haba! Why me? I kept muttering as I walked closer to have a better view. Thank goodness it was there, a toyota seqioua blocked my view from seeing my securitiless vehicle. 

That's how I quickly entered the vehicle and went straight home to appreciate God it ended in praise.‎
you guys should join me and thank God oo. ‎


  1. Lool.... God will always protect his own!

  2. LOL!! U always take these stories with a pinch of salt (more like in passing) until it happens to you. thank God all was well in the end.

    We really should have a competition to figure out which town Naija Mom stays. Maybe all we have to do is stay glued to your blog and all will reveal itself in a twinkle of an eye huh.....? LOL!!

    1. Lol...very good idea. just stay glued and i'll keep dropping clues.

    2. Lol...very good idea. just stay glued and i'll keep dropping clues.


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