Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A blessing or not?

There is nothing as heartbreaking as an unplanned pregnancy from a failed family planning method. ‎ It took me me about five months to come to terms with my third pregnancy, how could the trusted shot my Dr give me fail me woefully? He assured me I was covered for 3months only for me to take in the following month. At first I didn't want to to come to terms with the  reality I was pregnant but the pregnancy home test kit was looking at me in two bright red lines which means positive.
 I was devastated, disappointed and gradually getting depressed. Why won't I be when I was nursing a four month old baby? how will I cope with the stress and all that? What will my fellow church members think of us? Yes! My husband and I. They'll just think we don't have control, we couldn't even be careful enough to space our children adequately. 

I kept encouraging myself it was alright and i'll pull through. I eventually gave birth to an adorable baby boy, my tears turned smile, sorrow to joy and those who where not happy with me I took in too early rejoiced with me. 

During my six weeks post natal check-up my Gynecologist discussed safe and recommended family planning methods, I didn't fail to tell him how the previous shot failed me. He requested I do a blood test to determine which suites me best. He studied the result and  suggested an implanon was going to work just fine for me. 

He arranged for a suitable time to get the procedure done‎. Few months after the procedure I began to experience adverse reactions. Amongst Were headaches, dizziness and drastic weight loss. I couldn't bear it anymore and ask to discontinue it.

We resorted to using of condoms and all of a sudden I missed my monthly flow, Ah! Where will I start from? How did it even happen? How do I even break the news to my husband? So many questions and no answer. I first confided  in my older sister about my pregnancy,  she consoled me and told me to thank God about it.  Once again I embraced my pregnancy and my husband quickly accepted the situation we found ourselves in again. 

This is only just my experience on failed contraceptives, they will all say none is 100% effective which is very true. My friend in far away Canada said she fixed an IUD(intrauterine device) which was to last for not less than 5years failed her withing the first year, she went ahead and decided to go the natural method( avoiding unsafe periods of the month) that again failed too. ‎
At the end the only surest methods are the irreversible methods or total abstinence. Well, each individual to her own choice but if it fails accept the situation wholeheartedly.  ‎


  1. Natural method worked for me o cos I had a 28 day normal cycle..my son was 2yrs plus before I took in..now my daughter is 8 months,but my cycle is still not normal..so I'm thinking of going for the norplant..I pray it works..so which method did u finally settle for?

  2. So far i'm using the natural method backed up with daily pills. I sincerely pray it works for me on the long run.

  3. I used d natural method after my 1st child n it rily worked for me,but ds time around I want to do one,just don't know which one yet,right now I don't have a prob cos myself n hubby do not stay 2geda,but I still need to go for one method,d pills won't do for me tho cos I suck at takin pills

    1. Make sure you seek the opinion of a gynecologist Before you use any form of family method pls.

  4. Oh wow! that's crazy! I've used the IUD coil method and that's worked for us, thankfully! hopefully it stays that way! Hope yours work fine if you too

  5. Surest method is abstinence you say? Any attempt for total abstinence.... LOL!!


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