Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The evil called postpartum fat!

In recent times i've noticed Naija women have become more conscious of their postpartum ‎ body. The desire to loose all the baby fat, flat tommy and a banging body is what every woman looks forward to immediately she puts to birth.

I'm not left out on this desire as well, some loose theirs effortlessly while others have to go push extra miles to achieve their desired hour glass figure. I think i've found myself in both situations in my lifetime so far. 

After my first baby, I was still so young and had no issues loosing all the baby fat, a woman's age has a considerable large role to play in it. With just mild dieting and no‎ serious form of exercise I lost all the fats that accumulated at my arms, face and my waist line was back to an average 29inches. Unbelievable right? 

But trouble started when I had dropped more babies and I was gradually  accumulating excess fat around my entire body, I was too lazy to watch my weight, I ate lots of junk food and drank a lot of soda too. Before I knew it, I took in for another baby again, I was gradually getting larger and larger like I was I preparing for a beauty contest with hippopotamus or rather a whale...Lmao.

I had little I could do at the time since I was expecting a baby soon. Few months after delivery I doubled in size‎ due to the fact I was religiously breast feeding. I became so lazy and gradually getting comfortable with my new found whale weight. 

Subtly, my husband would suggest I accompany him to the gym let's work out together and i'll decline saying the baby still breast feeds. Little did I know my weight was beginning to bother him but he knew it's a very touchy topic and wanted to handle it carefully. 

One day, my husband and I took the last of our kids for some immunization shots and we met his old ‎
 School mates at the hospital and they both Were excited to reunite after several years, we talking about 20yrs or so....the friend realizing someone was with him(my husband) now asked my husband I was his elder sister, fine! We look alike which most couples do after staying together for a long time but this his elder sister is 6years older than my husband. So, indirectly I look older than my husband? My husband quickly corrected him saying i'm his wife, we exchanged pleasantries and I excused myself to go give the shots to my little one.

At that point, I had a good rethink about my whale weight and challenged myself to shed everything within 30days. Yes! 30days weight loss challenge it is. I first bought a pair of 10kg dumb bells and a skipping rope to start with. Since I had no one to look after the kids so there was no need registering in a gym, my home was going to be the gym and my kids Were going to be my instructors. 

Lydia was going to count while I skipped, I started with a poor 20skips a day and gradually went to 50 skips and so on. The 10kg dumb bells Were lifted approximately 20 to 30times a day as well, I cut of all forms of junk foods and sodas and ate healthy meals. Within 7days I noticed an impressive change, I added sit-ups and jugging around my compound with my kids, they enjoyed those playful moments and they urged me to stretch beyound my limits. They do theirs effortlessly since they are kids but old age was telling on their

The fourth week of my weight loss challenge I lost about 18kg, my tommy fat was gone. That's impressive I said to myself but I was faced with another challenge most people face after loosing weight which is the flabby skin from the tommy. I bought my self a waist trainer and used it for another couple of months with a healthy eating habit and my husband had to confess one day I really look good. This is what gets him confused and wants to make me mother Abraham, mother of many

Women out there I urge you to always love your body first and don't get comfortable with unwanted fat under your skin, shed it, look good, the world is just starting and not ending, apply good make-up always. In fact, ‎I think I should make a post on  personal and outward appearance in naija mothers.

Have a wonderful day guys. Please and please I beg you guys  to share my blog link with your friends and family. 

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  1. Wow lucky you,18kg in a month,still battlin with ds weightloss o,I birthed my 2 kids tru csection,so I couldn't mop my tommy with hot water d way they do it 4 new moms ,infact my greatest callenge is my tummy,when I do situps,d csection site starts to pain me n I was told to slow down on d situps,I do oda routines tho but d ones dt wud burn bellyfat r d ones affectin my tummy,it is well sha,some1 just introduced forever living product clean9 to me,but I've nt bought it yet

    Cheers ma'am

  2. sorry Dee. maybe you take it easy as you had a C-Section. Try dieting as well and cut off late night meals. A waist trainer is a must have for all moms. I won't advice the fire brigade approach to loose weight i.e clean 9 and weight loss pills. Good luck Dee.

  3. Use postpartum girdle. If you were in ph i would have given you the ladiez no i buy from. I have done three elective cs. Try green tea too morning and evening.

    1. Yes I heard of the green tea too, it's a purgative though.

  4. *crying in french*
    18kg in 1 month? please give me adetaileddescription of what you did.. i need to loose weight
    anyways,hope you are still looking sexy for the hubstar*winks* your blog!

    1. Ook, i'll make it as a post so I can be very detailed. Some even mailed me and doubted it's possibility.

  5. So that was your weight loss trigger!!

    My DH has lost so much weight (no exercise ) and looks so young. I am the other hand can sum my life up as 'the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak'. I long to be slim and trim like him.... *sigh* Complaining, wishing and moaning wont get me the results I desire..... LOL!!

  6. Lolz@ preparing for a beauty contest with hippopotamus .
    I am not a mom yet but I Ave added which is quite worrisome. I will resume back my skipping.

  7. This weight loss issue isn't easy at all. I told myself I was going to go back to my normal weight after I gave birth to my son, but 5yrs and I still haven't reached my goal. Food is sweet my sister. Lol!! E no easy, but we go try all the same.
    Great post and thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

    1. U can say that again - food is very sweet. I keep postponing my diet by 24hrs. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak is an understatement.......


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