Monday, 29 June 2015

Miscarriage? not to worry hope still lies ahead.

I'm about to tell a bit of a sad tale concerning a loss I experienced some years ago‎, it was actually a miscarriage I had. I didn't ever get to hold my child but the loss hurts deeply till date as I felt  I already had the connection with the unborn baby the moment he/she was fertilized in my womb.

I was 12weeks gone in pregnancy, I had registered for antenatal and was taking my pre-natal vitamins religiously. On a faithful morning I had the urge to use the loo when I woke up, I passed stool normally and ‎when I wiped with loo roll I noticed their was blood stain on the roll. I panicked naturally and called DH's attention to what I noticed, he suggested we quickly see my Doctor, we rushed down to the hospital and the Gynecologist suggested we first run an ultrasound scan. 

We got referred to a sonographer who arranged an immediate ultrasound scan for me, he carried DH and I along while he was doing it. He showed us some vital signs of the foetus on the screan which we couldn't really make out despite they claim it was a 3D scan, the obvious thing we noticed was the heart beat. He assured us it's a good sign the heart beat is strong and told us the gynecologist will advise us further on what to do. 

We returned to the gynecologist who suggested I have a bed rest and return if the bleeding gets bad. We thanked him and we left for home. I adhered to the doctor's instruction and rested but 2days later the bleeding got worse and i rushed to the hospital immediately. An ultrasound scan was required again and that was when I got the shocker of my life, no heart beat found, what?! That's not possible I lamented, I saw the heart beat of my unborn child barely three days ago.  I pleaded with the sonographer to check properly and he obliged to satisfy me and he  sadly confirmed the foetus was lifeless. ‎

I wept profusely as the gynecologist suggested an immediate evacuation of the remains out of my uterus. DH tried his best to console me and calls started flooding my phone from relatives to give me words of encouragement as well.

A week after my loss I decided to reflect on the past 12weeks and figure out where I went wrong that possibly lead to the death of my unborn baby.‎ I consulted my ever reliable google and saw a whole lots of causes that can lead to a miscarriage. 

They mentioned unhealthy lifestyle and habits such as smoking and consuming alcohol orally, I never indulged in such‎ even prior to pregnancy that was ruled out. Diseases such as kidney, heart and thyroid diseases are said to be a likely cause, that obviously was ruled out as well, then this particular cause got to me, it roughly stated the body rejects the foetus due to high immunity the mother has. It could be as a result of diet or natutal causes. 

I remember I always experienced terrible nausea and craved sour drinks to ease the nausea. This made me consume excessive lime tea and concentrated hibiscus flower drink(zobo). I guess it built a very high immunity in me and probably lead to the miscarriage, nonetheless it's always wise to take everything in moderation when pregnant and I could be wrong with my conclusion too as well. Any way, it's my diary and only sharing so we can all learn a thing or two. ‎

With counseling and support from loved ones I healed a bit but when I took in and put to birth the following year my heart was healed completely and my joy replaced. 
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  1. Aww, sorry about your loss. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I'm glad what you lost was replaced.
    I stumbled on your blog through SDK blog, I love what your doing here. I'll visit often!!

  2. I can imagine. Glad you came out stronger. Nice blog

  3. Positives did come out strong in the end. Your loss was restored.... Thanks for sharing.

  4. Im also glad this made u stronger and God replaced ur loss..thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank God for replacing your loss,his ways are not our ways,he has a reason for everything

    Hope you're ok sha cos you've not posted since monday o

  6. i was wondering the same too...hope the kids arent keeping you too busy..take care!


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