Friday, 3 July 2015

The lucky one with a maid.

Hey! Who missed me? So sorry readers for been away for three full days. My little girl broke down with mild malaria and had to be admitted in the clinic for observations, that isn't much of an excuse for not dropping even a post within the last three days. I use this particular network provider that prides themselves in green always but the network services isn't reliable, thinking of moving over to the sun or the red rose permanently. 

Anyway, i'm back and happy to be back. My entire flock is doing fine and so is yours I guess? While I was at the clinic I met a lady in her late 30's or so whose 9years old kid was as well admitted in the clinic. We got talking and gisting in no time and she was curious‎ as to how I cope with my flock of kids without an external help. I didn't want to go into nitty gritty details, I only replied the common answer naija women give, "na God my sister".‎
 I in turn asked her, if she's got a maid? 
She replied, "yes".
"Hmmmm you are lucky" was my response since within me at that point I wished I had a little bit of external help, my consolation was that, it's only a phase.

Out of curiosity I asked her how long has her present maid been with her and she replied 9years, what?! "How have you been able to keep her for that long"?

She decided to give me her entire maids history: she has had a total of 16 maids in her 12years of marriage that produced 2 children. Her first ever maid left after she was caught stealing on several occasions, another left on the grounds of suspected witchcraft from her Mother-inlaw, some left without  tangible reasons while others where just very flimsy reasons, I asked her why she didn't give up at a point and handle things on her own since she has a considerably small family and doesn't work? "My sister..." she replied. "my husband doesn't want me to work both in the house and outside the house for any reason‎". I refused to place her in my mind as a lucky or an unlucky wife. I know the joy in earning your own little bit of cash as a woman. 

She though told me she was tired at a point and wanted to handle all house chores on her own but her husband didn't approve of it. Luck shown on her when she delivered her second child and her current nanny then in her thirties was employed as a maid/nanny‎ and since then she has been with them. She is now part of the family she continued, she handles all chores accurately, run errands and watches over her 2children. Now I was jealous and envied I curiously asked her why she stopped at 2 kids and didn't add more as wished by many in-laws in naija homes. She said, surprisingly they ain't even bothered, no form of direct or indirect pressure from them but her maid is the one depressed over the fact she is has only two kids. She keeps wishing she looked after more kids as she currently feels she is underutilized. 
I couldn't help but admire the only fact she has a maid that isn't a problem to her and I realized they are actually some people wh‎o have a story of happy endings with maids. 
As a blogger that  have worn the cloak of ‎ameboism(gossip) I decided to blog about it first Before I post other stories i've
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  1. lol at ur last sentence.. we thank God your daughter is fine..Soe nannies/maids are really God sent. we had one who lived with us for about 12 years before she started doing stupid things because she met a boy who claimed he loved her. eventually, she ran away and had kids with the boy. now she is in the village wishing she could turn back the hands of time.smh @some people.. Glad to have u back

  2. House helps, hmmmm! Some are good, some not so good. Others with good intentions while some with evil intentions. Am a mother of 3 children. Stopped working after my 2nd child and so far have had 2 house helps but none at the moment. My husband and I have decided to keep strangers away from our home and he helps out with house chores. I have very hyperactive children, all under 5 years of age and sometimes I wish I could go on holiday just to have my 'me' time, other times am glad that God blessed me with them. I believe it's only a phase where God has made it possible for them to be with their parents early in life. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. We may get so busy and they also would probably have gotten some form of independence and confidence to be able to stand on their own. My assurance is at least the nitial bond has been established.
    Kudos to you

    1. *hugs dear* it's only a phase. It'll surely pass. The Lord is your strength.


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