Saturday, 11 July 2015


I've been super excited since yesterday, all my kids passed their exams and officially had their graduation party yesterday. Josh received  awards for the best science and mathematics pupil, Esther was awarded the neatest pupil and second best in oral English. Lydia and Prince got no award but Were both promoted to the next class.

I was lucky I was given the day off at work to attend the graduation party‎, I was so proud of my kids and my joy knew no bounds. The thought of the  huge expenses made and it yielded positive results was enough to keep me smiling all day. 
I wouldn't say the school took the entire glory for his success cos my very significant efforts paid off on all of them, Josh is hyperactive and a bit heady, I was permanently on his case so he doesn't get comfortable in that attitude. I made sure his assignments Were done at the right time and I gave him my own mummy home work too. Same with my other kids, failing to do your home work was presented a huge crime and it made them stand up on their feet and take their studies very seriously. 

Prince the last of them really doesn't know what he is into now in school, the toddlers class curriculum is just to assist them in potty training, stop them from using bottle feeders and introduce spoon feeding and a lots of nursery rhymes while Lydia's diction really surprised me over the years, i'm a proper naija woman so I couldn't have faked an accent for my kids. Despite her school contributing to her good diction I also believe cartoons played a good role as well. 

Please I don't mean to be boastful, it's only the joy of every hard working mother to express her gratitude when she sees her efforts paying off. I'd say it's the grace of God and strength from the Almighty. I don't have the perfect home but I always say it's was you make of your imperfections that becomes perfect in the eyes of others. 

They was this particular kid that got about seven awards but he didn't seem happy, I got curious and I was made to understand his parents Were too busy to come support him during his graduation party. It's always good you give your kids attention Were necessary, listen to them and know what's really important to them, that soccer competition means a lot to them as well as that ballet, music or taekwando presentation is their entire world at that moment. ‎

So, this is a graduation month share with us the achievement of your wards and the distinct effort you put to achieve your goal.‎


  1. Congratulations! U must be really proud of them. Children needs all the required attention, though balanced so they can be at their best and feel successful. Mine don't get to end the term until d 24th. I know they'll make us proud.

    1. Thank you. Pls don't forget to come share with us.

  2. The joy of motherhood - kudos to your kids...

  3. Congratulations Naija mom! May your kids continue to bring u nothing but Joy!


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