Monday, 27 July 2015

My first Lagos experience

I remember the first time I ever left my home town in my entire life to Lagos state, I hadn't clocked 10years but I could feel the enthusiasm deep in my I was to spend a few weeks holiday with my uncle and his wife.
My aunt been a woman who had lived in the city for a long time cooked less of our local meals and more of the modern dishes. It  was during my visit In lagos I  first tasted noodles, hot dogs, canned mushrooms and I noticed rice was not just a Sunday meal but eaten almost every other  day...that was the best part of my

When I returned to my hometown after my few weeks holiday in Lagos I was quick to gist my folks of Lagos life, I told them how I saw plenty water without ending(i.‎e the beach) and so many intertwined When I mentioned the hot dogs I ate my dad got a bit inquisitive and asked how it tasted and how it looked like, when I answered his questions he was convinced I ate a dog's tail....lmao and when I mentioned mushrooms he screamed saying mushrooms are poisnous and I should never eat them again, he placed me on a daily dose of liquid peak milk to diffuse the suspected  effect of poisonous mushrooms in my body...lmao. When I told him how noodles looks  like he was convinced it was a special specie of rice....hahahahahahaah.

I'm still reminiscing here with my sister and enjoying Enugu state, i've had a sumptuous plate of Abacha with ugba and plenty fried fish. 
Please keep sharing your childhood experiences and what you ate today. 
Cheers! ‎


  1. did i ever travel when i was little?nope... i was my daddy handbag...i actually left home the first time when i started looking for admission


  2. The first time I went to I was so amazed I started saying 'ah e womi ah e wero' look at the water look at the crowd

  3. Lool I've lived all my life in Lagos however I went for service in Sokoto. I guess the pilot passed through a village because as we were descending, I was seeing sparse housing and mud ones at that so I was surprised to see the roads were well tarred
    I was shocked to see people eating rice and palm oil and going to school bare footed.
    Childhood? We barely travelled jare


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