Friday, 14 August 2015

THE MAID FACTOR...A must read for every lady.

I just got a disturbing news from my neighborhood about a man who just got their house maid pregnant and this is why i decided to write this article for everyone to read but before i continue i will like to quote this scripture not to justify the act but to lay emphases on how strange it is:

"There are three things that are too amazing for me, four that I do not understand:The way of an eagle in the sky, The way of a serpent on a rock, The way of a ship in the middle of the sea,And the way of a man with a maid" Proverbs 30:18-19.

I get so surprised when a woman finds out that her hubby is making out with a maid and she uses words like "How could you? a COMMON MAID"

Now ladies open your eyes and widen your reasoning faculty and get this straight.

Men are visual,we think about sex way more than you do as women and we are very polygamous by nature meaning we naturally love to be with as many ladies as possible but if you find a man who is decent and disciplined then such a man is a rare breed.

The Nigerian mentality that your level in life is determined by how much money you make or your educational background is quite honestly annoying; every occupation should be accorded it's dignity, housemaids offer an essential service to the society and should be respected as such.

That stated, when a woman fails to realize that part of the seduction process involves the respect and care she offers her husband I.e in the little things she does, like making him food, paying attention to his attire, etc if she totally reneges on these duties and leaves it to the housemaid, she effectively sets up her husband to be seduced by the housemaid; besides, a housemaid is so awestruck by the attention she receives from the master of the house, she is willing to submit to a lot of things madam no longer deems necessary and if you're a man, you know there's nothing more flattering nor seductive than a willing woman....

In short, it is my opinion that when a man begins to cast a lustful glance at the housemaid,in most cases it's a symptom that madam is neglecting her duties somewhere.

Wait guys, i am not promoting randy lifestyle or justifying the shameless act of sleeping with a maid not because SHE IS A MAID but how can you have your wife in the same house and yet sleeping with a maid? This is arrant nonsense i must say

But then to the women, please if you must get a house maid, do not go for the type with conspicous sexual body features.

Lets leave hypocrisy, if my wife brings home a maid that has sweet curves, i will call her to order and ask her to send the maid back. Prevention is better than fighting temptation.

A maid is human, a maid was born the same way you were born, a maid has the same feminine sexual features just as you have and even usually younger,Stop employing matured maids if you have a man at home to prevent unpleasant situation.

If you like ,start saying you trust your husband, he can not do this or that but by the time it happens, don't say i have not warned you.

Be wise.

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Story source: toks2008 NL.


  1. Thanks for writing this....

  2. Thanks for this post. Very educative! Wives be wise!

  3. Only God knows why certain things happen cos even if you do what is required to your hubby as a wife, some still misbehave. I just don't know why

    The bottom line remains that women should take good care of their husband and home!!!!

    1. I don't just know why too, you just wonder what their problem really is. God help us all!

  4. Women are partly to be blamed, but men can be very wicked sha. I wonder why most men cannot just be satisfied with one woman

  5. Well, I don't blame d women cos even if u hire a maid who has "no front and no back" dat doesn't mean d husband won't av sex with her. I believe any man who has sex with a maid is a cheat and just saw an opportunity 2 show his true colour. No woman is perfect we are all trying to learn how to satisfy men, bt what av come to discover is dat some Men are insatiable, even if u do everytin 4 dem, dat doesn't mean dey wouldn't go outside and cheat. So aving a maid doesn't change anytin. It only brings out deir inner self.

    1. God bless u for this commen,a cheat is a cheat,forget curves or attention or whatever excuse was written up there,a man that wud cheat wud cheat.

      Now pls naija mum,I want to use ds medium to ask this questio,I was arguing with a male colleague at work on friday,which should come first,a wife's submission to her husband or a husband to love his wife,according to him,he said in the bible,wives were addressed first to submit to their husbands before telling husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the churh. In my opinion, I think Love shud come first cos if husbands were commanded to love their wives as Christ loved the church,he died for our sins,n that's the greatest sacrifice of all,so what do you think?

    2. This question is beyond me oo, i'll make it as a post let's get other people's opinion on it.

    3. Above the passage before God said wives submit to you husband, the bible says "submit to one another" one another is both male and female. marriage is not all about wife submit to husband, some husband misuse this submission and turn it into abuse. for a man to go for a woman he must have loved her, he should love her first to marry her before she start submitting to him as the wife. men should learn to respect their wife and submit as well. Submitting to wives from husband is not giving up his right as the man of the house but acknowledging that his wife is human too who can hurt. a husband that understood the meaning of marriage should know this. marriage is not about exercising authority, its more of a team work.

      And research has shown that women finds it very easy and willing to submit to a man who shows them love.

  6. EBELEBE...... women that get hurt mostly are the ones living their lives for men....

    smtcheeeewwwww, nonsense

    1. Yes ooo....okija wife is here. Thanks for stopping by and please visit more often.

  7. So true. Y landlady has this sexy and beautiful maid. Even me as a girl, I compliment her stature everytime. Tho she is young, just 17 year old. Hmmmmn


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