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Guest feature: Hotest and most inspiring couple of the week.

I promised in my yesterday's post I was going to introduce a new segment to the blog, i'm going to feature parents on the blog and ask them to share with us their success stories on career, marriage and life generally, you must not be the trimmest looking or richest couple on the block to send in your contributions, everyone is unique in his or her own way.
Here is our first guest on this segment, please take your time and read the message she has for us all.

Hello I am Nerovianne, I am a relationship coach , married to my best friend and blessed with 2 Adorable kids. Made in Naija and Packaged in Cape Town, South Africa!!

When naija mom requested to feature me I was so excited, and of course she asked me to share top tips on how I manage my home, husband and kids and how I got back in shape after 2 kids!!! Hmmmm, let me just go straight to the point and not preach many sermons ....

Keeping a happy home isn't an easy task though, especially when you share spaces with little people and also with another grown up and yourself included... Firstly I would say "A family that prays together, stays together" so let's work this;
Top tips in archiving a happy home and husband.
A happy marriage seems more like a fairy tale that Pollyanna dreamed up 50yrs ago. Many of today's wives are complaining left right and centre about their husbands many shortcomings. So why should a wife make her husband happy when he's not making her happy? Looool
 Our role as wives is not to figure out how to fix our spouse. Our role is "How do we reflect Christ in the marriage?" The game totally changes when we as wives make it our aim to bring Joy to the marriage for the Glory of God. It's really not about " what have you done for me lately", instead of being disappointed in what your husband hasn't done , you can experience great peace knowing that you are doing him good and not evil all the days of your life (prov 31:12).

 Guess what? I can attest that when you respect your spouse and practice making your husband happy, he will turn around and pour that love right back onto you!
Ready to get started?
No big surprise here, we should know by now that Men breathe sex, so basically sexual fulfillment is a top need of a man!!! But do our actions demonstrate it? Do you? Maybe you've taken care of the kids, cooked a deliscious dinner and even endured action flick, compared to other women you are probably doing great!! Yet you may be discounting his need for fulfilling sex, most husbands would rather have dishes in the sink and a wife waiting in the bedroom...

The world can be a tough place. When your husband walks in the door, he needs to breathe a sigh of relief. He's home!!! Think of how you greet your husband, does he see the back of your head as you type furiously on the computer or do you look at him in the eyes and say " honey am glad you are home"? Make your home a place where your husband feels welcome... *winks

What need does your husband have that perhaps you have discounted? It may be sex, quality time, the cookies you used to bake him or watching soccer together? Don't get defensive when your husband voices a need, listen instead and then act positively to meet that need the best way you can!!!

The idea of submission has many women up in arms, that doesn't need to be the case, the NT speaks clearly in 3 passages that we wives are to submit to our husbands as unto the lord (Eph 5:22;Col 3:18; 1Pet 3:1). This doesn't mean you become a door mat. What it does mean is that u respect his role as the leader of the home, after you have weighed in on topics the final decisions belongs to your man!!!

Here is something your husband will really like, it doesn't cost a penny, just kiss!!! It's healthy!!!

When you were dating your husband found your body type attractive, he was hooked on your looks, now that you are married, is important that he still finds you attractive. When you take time and effort to watch your weight and dress nicely for your spouse, it communicates volumes.

Someone told me that date nights are less expensive than marriage counseling!!! Lol it's been a long while I went on a date night alone with my husband because of the kids and I don't have a live in nanny so here is what we do, we feed the kids like mad!! I mean stuff them with food lol, a hot bath would relax their nerves and viola!! They sleep, and we just go out the backyard under the stars have drinks discuss loads of stuff, talk dirty and we back... *winks .... That's for those who don't have a nanny like me, but if you have a nanny, it's important to set up dates and make sure you guys aren't talking about family situations and stuff, talk basically on what you both need, make it fun.... Talk dirty, sex after all he is your husband!!!

A happy wife, a happy life, somedays when you really don't feel like smiling, just go ahead and fake it at first, put that plastic smile on and most likely your natural beautiful smile will emerge shortly after, I do that most times..

If someone were to repeat all the things you say to your husband would it be "news that fit to print?" Are you heaping on praise and encouragement, or criticism and sarcasm? Treasure your husbands efforts to please you and provide for your family, don't trash what he does, either to his face or behind his back!!!! Your words matter to him more than anyone else.

your kids know they can divide and conquer! When they succeed, your home is anything but peaceful. Recognize that you and your husband are not opposite team but same team so you can be a united front to your kids!!!

So which of these suggestions do you think would bless your husband the most? Try implementing that tip this week and keep adding to your repertoire. You will have one happy husband and of course a happy home!!!

Thanks naija mom for this platform!!!
Looking forward to loads of your topics 😉😉😉

Nerovianne xx

Thanks Nero for this, what I can relate to and picked out first as most important is the issues of sex, Men and sex can't be separated. Which do you think should come first as a priority in a marriage and why? 


  1. awwww.......her kids are so cute... i reli like this feature... plus i learned a lot esp the date nite and sex ish (coughs).. i love the fact that she backed it up wif scriptures.kudos ma'am

    the MAD WOMAN that lived on my street

    1. Thanks Favour...she is very right about the sex thingy. it sure binds couples and keeps them going for very long.

  2. Wow.... Thanks 4 d advice... I love dose kids... Awwwwwww. So cute...

  3. wow! i love this segment.i really learnt one or two things from here.i will make do of it seriously,and am gona send this link to a friend.

    thanks ,i am grateful

  4. This really nice and I love the way you do your things. Though its most on religious perspective which make it perfect for most people.

    For those who did not subscribed to any religion, you can still learn from her personal experience on how she does it.

    Congratulations woman, you've gotten the best gift for knowing to to be a responsible caring wife.

    1. I personally admired her happy married life hence the request to feature her. Thanks Uthman for stopping by.

  5. This is awesome! I sure learnt from this. Btwn ur kids are so cute

  6. Awww...thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Those kids are so adorable.

    Nma's Blog 

  7. Noted Maam!! :) You've got a beautiful family

  8. Beautiful family! Wish them more years together. What God has joined together, NO man/side chicks can put asunder.

  9. This is so educating God bless this woman for her openness and Sincerity.. I learnt alot.. Good initiative.

  10. This I one of the best articles I've read on happy marriage. Well done.


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