Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Life like a swing...high and low!

Awhile ago this the above image caption circulated all over the various social media sites and it got so many of us in stitches as its obviously hilarious and again every Naija babe or guy can relate to it.

I remember those days where I would literally pray an ATM is able to dispens‎e N500 note cos that's all I could withdraw so as to stay within my minimum bank account balance, to make matters worse everyone saw me as bigs gyels  not knowing its just packaging.

 When I finally locate an ATM machine preferably where there is no queue I slot in my card, punch in my pin number and the waiting game begins, I quickly open my purse or hand bag ready to shove in my meagre N500 into it before anyone notices. If coincidentally I see a dude or anybody I recognise right behind me at the ATM, omoh na to carry phone plaster for ear like say na call i  dey recieve and thanking my imaginary caller I got the‎

Not that I lived an extravagant life or lavished cash anyhow, I just sincerely did not have that much. My parents tried really very much for me and again my boyfriend was just trying to get on his feet just after his national youth service.‎

I really thank God those moments are over just by His grace, it feels good to now make withdrawals above 1k and on the brighter side, the body carriage and mannerisms dey different walahi!  ‎ The posture in waiting for the money to dispense is usually different too, you give few inches gap to the ATM while you wait for your money so that those in queue can see you ain't withdrawing 1k,  another 3 or so minutes is waisted again counting the money like say you fit jack ATM if there is a

This post is just meant to inspire us all and not meant to demean anyone,  are you  faced with the former or latter? ‎If faced with the brokage moments now don't worry things will surely change like He did mine. Are you basking in the euphoria of the latter? Don't pride yourself around, humility before pride.

Lastly, in which ever situation you find yourself in right now, confidence isn't a sin  never wear a long face and be confident in the broke situation as its only temporal and again, even in your moment of plenty it can even get better and better.  

I hope I inspired someone with this piece today? Share with us your either experience at the ATM.‎


  1. Interesting thoughts indeed, greetings!

  2. * smiling* I face that too, expecially waiting in long queue for hours in school trying to withdraw 1k, wetin I go do its part of the story. Just like you narrated your experience, one day I wld remember this experience and smile.

    miimi's diary  

  3. Well it depends on alert sometimes I withdraw like 150k sometimes 1k, everything ne time, make God just dey provide and no shame us my sister.

  4. Lol....Nice...... Its good to appreciate how far one has come. Old times will make you laugh and thank God. Inspiring

  5. Awww! Thanks for this inspiring post Naija Mom

  6. Really thoughtful post. Its well with us all.

  7. Lol....I can relate... as alwas, we will get there

  8. Lol, hilarious and inspiring. My account does not permit atm so it has been years I use atm. The only experience I remembered about atm then was when I withdraw 1k and they refuse to give me but debited by account. Till today I never recover the money.


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