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More discussion on female hygiene....

Quote: strife to make it scent like the rose flower.

Vaginal infections occur when bacteria, funguses or other organisms grow uncontrolled. Some of these organisms already live in the vagina and are kept at healthy levels by coexisting with other organisms. Infectious organisms can also be introduced into the vagina by improper hygiene, unsafe sex, introduction of foreign bodies into our vagina and vulva.

These symptoms listed below are general signs and symptoms of infections, its left for a medical practitioner to know what is actually wrong.
1. Thick, cloudy or bloody discharge from the vagina
2. Pain or burning sensation when urinating
3.Heavy menstrual bleeding or bleeding between periods
4.Painful, swollen clitoris
5.Painful bowel movements
6.Anal itching
7.Painful urination
7.Lower abdominal pain.
8.Pain during sexual intercourse in women.
9.Itchy rash around the vulva and vagina.
10. Strong vaginal odour.

The symptoms ain't limited to those listed above, once you notice any strange feelings see a medical practitioner immediately.
Some practices around the vulva and vagina gives room for infection as well, such practices should be done with utmost care or better still quit  the practices.
They include;

1. Use of harsh disinfectants and medicated soap for your genitals.
2. Saliva: you may wonder how and why? Either via oral sex or use of the saliva as a lubricant. The saliva contains healthy bacteria for the mouth but will likely infect the vagina.
3. Pubic hair issue is often argued, some say leaving it gives them infections while some said otherwise.
4. Use of tampons.
5. Use of unhygienic toilets.
6. Contraceptives can cause infections as well. E.g Condoms, IUD's and even spermicides.
7. Multiple sex partners.
8. Use of antibiotics.
9. Intake of excessive sugary food.
10.  Pregnancy.

This is to the men, it isn't always as a result of unhygienic practices your woman gets infected.  I hope to discuss that of men in my next post for tomorrow.


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    1. educative... piece... ladies take note..

  2. I still ask again, after sex how do you get the semen out of your vagina? Using water only to wash the vagina isn't wrong, its the use of chemicals that's unhealthy for the vagina(which is the birth canal).

  3. Miriam i disagree with you on this one dear. The vagina should be washed with just warm water only! No soap or even all these 'virginal wash' products, just water is enough to cleanse it. I wonder how some peeps bathe everyday without washing their Vjays..
    Naija mom thanks for this post!

    1. God bless you sassy mum for your helping me to clear the air on this. You are absolutely correct! Just warm water to wash the vagina, no soap or chemicals those are what alter the PH of the vagina not water.

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    3. Like you said dear, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. No p

    4. Hmmm...I'm a bit confused sha...does it mean that water is now a contraceptive? Like water prevents pregnancy? Hmmm

    5. @ Sassy mum and Miriam please....Peace!

    6. Hahaha Lucy W.. dear we ain't fighting ooo. Just stating our very different opinions.

      @Akuoma i don't believe Water is a contraceptive! Nor do i believe that Water is 'harmful!' Lai lai

      What i stated above is that "I believe that the Vjay can be washed with Just water. Only Water!" When you add any form of product to the water and wash your Vjay....then that my dear is Douching! Which ain't good!

      So pls tell me how ordinary clean warm water can make the Vjay to smell or get infected?

      If it's possible that just warm, clean water can give one an infection.. then imagine what happens to a Vjay left unwashed with semen, menstrual blood and normal virginal discharge!!

      Like i said before everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion!!
      Una goodnight oo..

    7. I have done an intensive research on douching, please check my next post. Thanks.

  4. hnmmmmmmm.....learning so much on this topic. well done Naija Mom

  5. Issokay.. all noted, thank you...

  6. This our vaigana don suffer mom you forgot to add sth... avoid wearing tight underwears mostly at night..if possible go without an underwear at night.. easier access for dh lol..

    1. Lmao @ easy access for DH. Well, you are absolutely correct. Avoid tight panties generally and better still don't wear any pants at night to bed. The vulva and vagina needs a healthy amount of air everyday.

  7. I heard douching is not good. Water is enough for cleansing that area


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