Monday, 2 November 2015

The longest 20minutes of my life 2.

As the Dr was about to tell me my results a Nurse walked in rudely and alerted the Dr a patient in the recovery room was in severe pains,
he should come and see for himself. He quickly took to his heels and left me alone in his office, I was a bit angry the nurse rudely cut into my consultation period then again I had to understand he needed to save a life.

I pulled out my phone from my bag‎ and called DH, I didn't have to go through the trauma alone, he was a party in the fun moments and has to know what's the latest. I told him I might be pregnant, he just kept repeating, "wow" till I told him later as the Dr just stepped in again.

He didn't wait to even sit down properly, he said, as you know its a tradition in this clinic to run HIV tests on all patients once your blood sample is taken, my heart skipped more bits again as I answered, "yes"‎. 
"The result is negative "!‎
"However, you have malaria 2+ and you are not pregnant", 
that was the Dr's final results he read out to me.‎

I just gave a sigh of relief and thanked my God. I further asked him for safe family planning ‎methods asides popping pills everyday and if I can  go on it right immediately. He suggested a whole lot of family planning methods and I finally settled for the shots which should be renewed every 3months. God help it doesnt fail me.

NB: No correct answer on yesterday's quiz yet, a clue is this. Its nothing pertaining my marriage(Mrs) or me being a mother(mummy, or mama or the likes), its not a professional title either(Dr, engineer, etc).
Keep your guesses coming in...‎


  1. Waooo. You caught my attention. Been waiting to see the end of this. Hopefully you'll get well soonest. Pele

  2. Hope you're feeling much better now
    I guess you're a great chef? Lol

  3. The relief you must have felt. Lol! Treat the malaria and the contraceptive....I'm scared cos most of them either get you fat or messes up your hormones real bad leaving you with acne and terrible skin. Did your Dr tell you it's safe from all this?

    1. He made mention of the side effects and asked me to return for a change if I notice any of them.

  4. lol...So we aint eating rice....So all the guesses aint correct?

    Atleast you are better.. Thank God

  5. At last, Naija Mom has saved us the guessing. Thank God you feel better now

  6. I don't think anyone would get this at all

  7. I got the answer jawe. It is chief Mrs, princess Lolo 1 of Naija mom

    Thank me later

  8. thank God you are getting better. I guessed right when I said it wasn't pregnancy, ni giveaway for that? Lol. Sexy naija mama I hail oo

  9. I can relate with the tension lolz.. Wish you a speedy recovery..

  10. Lol. Should i say congrats for not getting pregnant? Lolz.
    Hope u feel better now? Takia of u.


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