Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Domestic violence, who is to blame?

Yesterday an on air personality residing in lagos , Nigeria took to one of his social media accounts to voice out the violence he faced with his estranged wife‎, he sounded quite bitter in his narration.

He is one of the many men that have come up to report to the world he faced domestic violence from a woman and not the other way round. In as much I don't entirely believe his claims let's look closely at these scenario. Isn't it possible the estranged wife in question fought back in defence?

From the little I have known, that OAP has a venomous tongue and unguarded utterances. ‎The wife might have her faults same as other women who have been accused of such but it's good we give them benefit of doubt as well.

Domestic violence not only has a negative effect on the kids but also on the society at large, it breeds hatred amongst people closely involved since they might be indirectly forced to take sides with either the man or woman.

While growing up we had a neighbor who would beat the wife at the slightest provocation, sadly, she died due to internal bleeding complications. Thats physical abuse. I have a friend who said her DH will never lay his hands  on her but he would insult her constantly  and denied her all marital rights, that's another form of domestic violence called emotional abuse faced in so many homes.

Prayers, wisdom to know when to take a walk, ignoring your vio‎lent partner and loving the violent one  despite the violence solves and heals a lot in the union.

Have you witnessed any domestic violence directly or indirectly? Share with us please how you pulled through or how the person you know pulled through.


  1. Its horible when a partner is abused by another....... Abuse may not be physical - emotional abuse inflicts a great deal of hurt as well...

    1. Emotional abuse is a worse silent killer....


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