Monday, 13 July 2015

The big question is here...

I have this male colleague called Bello who got transferred t‎o my unit four years ago, I never really bothered about his personality since we didn't work together as a team. Just the usual 'hi' and 'hello' we say if we come face to face accidentally. Few times he attempted to engage me in little conversations but I didn't seem quite comfortable with it so I just purposely get extremely boring and he walks away.

Last year, my desktop computer in the office was down and I was awaiting approval for repairs or replacement. Within two days my desk was full with undone jobs and my superior was breathing down my neck, I decided to ask Bello to lend me his system for some hours to clear my table, he gladly accepted and at this point I felt I had to at least give him some listening ears since he was kind enough to lend me his system. 

First day he didn't have much to say but I sensed he was the shy and quiet type. Subsequent mornings he'd greet me first respectfully and ask after my DH and kids and I return the question too since I knew he was married with kids which I didn't know the number. 

This went on till one Friday morning this year when team leads traveled with the director‎ and we naturally hadn't much to do so Bello and I got talking, I got to know his wife was living in a different town with the kids due to her job and he asked if I knew any Phoebe  Briggs from Rivers state? I told him I didn't and he said we look so much alike hence his desire to speak with me since he got to my unit. 

This was Were he gave me a brief history of his love life; Bello dated Phoebe when he was serving in Rivers state, he was actually Phoebe's first love and the relationship lasted for 2years and broke up on the grounds of religious differences. Bello is a Muslim while Phoebe is an Anglican and they both feared their folks won't approve of the marriage and they went their separate ways. 

Bello got a bride whom he didn't know much about as it was sort of arranged, she was a virgin and has a diploma. Phoebe on the other hand left for oversees to further her studies and due to return this year. 

Now, Bello's dilemma i‎s this as narrated to me this morning,  he has never stopped loving Phoebe since the break up, his wife isn't giving him enough bedroom satisfaction like Phoebe did and she is too laid back. He wants to have Phoebe back in his life and this time he is willing to fight for love.

These are the questions I asked him; have you talked to your wife about her not meeting up? He said 'no'. 

Does Phoebe feel same way about these? He said 'he fears Phoebe has moved on' that's why he is willing to fight for love this time around.

I sincerely didn't know what to tell him, his religion permits him to have more than one wife and generally when it comes to matters of the heart one needs to be very guarded with his words so as to guide the other person in making the right decision.

I asked Bello to give me some time to think about it, he trusts my judgment as well,  readers what do I tell him? 

Ps: True story. ‎


  1. He can make his wife his 'Phoebe'......

  2. Exactly @calabar gal

  3. he should sit his ass down and make his marriage work


  4. He should talk to his wife first, things can change, he should give a chance

  5. He should talk to his wife first, things can change, he should give a chance

  6. he should sit the wife down and have a good longgggggggggggggggggggggggggg talk with her, he should jus see her as his Phoebe

  7. It's amazing how women jump up at marriage proposals...without knowing that sometimes, it's just because these dudes can't have the 'one' they actually want.

    Nma's Blog 

  8. He shud take his time and fix his marriage. The wife may not even have the slightest idea that she doesn't satisfy her husband sexually! I just think He doesn't love the wife enough bcs if dere's love, He'll find a way of making his wife like 'phoebe' in bed. Don't be selfish Mr Man


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