Sunday, 5 July 2015

Penury in the land of milk and honey...

The image above is hilarious right? Let's all take a look closely at the caption and ponder on it for just a minute. I'm not a sadist but i can't read it and  just take it as a mere humor. Many Nigerians who are abreast with current financial/ salary situation in some states in Nigeria will understand that caption on the image better.

A total of about 18 states out of 32 states in the federation owe their staff salaries of different categories for 6months and above, correct me if i'm wrong. Ranging from retired workers gratuity to pensioners and regular civil servants salaries on all levels are unpaid. I just wonder how some of them are pulling through with a near economy that's going on slow motion, in some homes both parents are civil servants and have kids. How are they paying school bills of their wards, feeding and health related needs?

The situation really saddens my spirit as to how the government has an uncaring attitude towards the situation and to think this is a recurrent situation in every elected administration.  

Few times DH had to bail out some of his friends who are state civil servants from financial hardships due to this unpaid salaries from the last administration. He once went for a wedding in one of the middle belt states in naija and he wept when he returned to base. DH said they even seem used to the penury situation and look quite comfortable in poverty when he suggested they organize a peaceful protest let their plight be heard and they didn't buy the idea, he further asked why can't the state governor be impeached they couldn't give a concrete reason. He quietly reasoned the matter should be left alone and suggested they go out for some drinks, on reaching the bar, DH requested they should take everyone's order and they all declined saying they prefer DH gives them the money meant to pay for drinks.

How much does a bottle of drink cost? DH asked. A bottle of drink was just a paltry sum of N150. This is a terrible situation he thought. How could that amount solve any damn thing? He urged them to take at least a bottle of drink each and promised to settle them Before he leaves the town the following day. When it was time for DH to retire to his hotel room for the night this same set of dudes requested they please sleep on the floor of his hotel room let them at least enjoy some air-conditioning for a night since the town have been out of power supply for close to a month and due to surrounding water bodies the town is usually hot at night. 

At that point DH started wishing he didn't come at all, he rented another room for them while he stayed in another room alone. First thing the following morning he gave them some cash and left town immediately. 
I on the other hand  have on few cases in my capacity sent a bit of cash ‎to my old class mates in similar situations, it's really a heartbreaking situation.  please I want to use this minute medium to appeal to appropriate bodies to please come to the aid of both serving and retired civil servants and as well commend the Osun government who is taking the lead in ensuring  the back log of unpaid salaries are cleared‎. 

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  1. Honestly its a very disheartening situation,I live n work in Osun state n I can tell u 4 free dt ppl r suffering,d most annoying part is dt our governor is nt remorseful abt ds situation,4get what u read or hear o,he paid a month's salary out of 8mths,u n I knw dt most ppl were nt even able to collect it cos of outstandin loans in d bank,it is well sha,God will continue to take care of us

    1. I can imagine, such salaries finish upon arrival. I ask, don't they collect federal allocations and generate revenue internally? It's really unfair.

  2. This is a country where the people in power are clueless on how to generate income much less empower their people for the greater good of all. It is good to undertake capital projects and build infrastructures but not at the detriment of the people's welfare. It is well. Everyone should start agric business, there are enough farmland in those regions laying fallow. Let's begin to think of alternative sources of income both a individuals and as a government.

  3. I understand your plight anonymous, agriculture is a way forward to every state of the federation. I pray the awareness is created further in this new government.


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