Saturday, 4 July 2015

When pikin fall her mama hand...lmao

Something quite embarrassing happened to me today...ok this is it, basically I try to cut my kids sugar intake  all the time so as to avoid sugar flare, tooth decay and obesity. Soda, packed juices and chocolates are consumed minimally by my kids‎. Today we had a guest and I offered her a pack of cold juice, some ice cubes and a glass cup.

I instruct my kids never to ever ask a guest for drinks when offered to them, the older 3 are very much aware of the consequences of begging at all but not my last kid who can barely understand an ordinary statement without mimicking it in her own baby language. Before I knew what was going on she brought a big water bottle of almost one litre to ask my guest for some fruit juice, I gave my kid the disapproving look but she went on to ask her for some fruit juice I even tried to cajole her to go get hers from the refrigerator but she was hell bent on having some of the guest's fruit juice. My kid was finally offered some fruit juic‎e and that left me embrassed.

Every mother wants to portray a picture of a perfect home of well mannered kids but seriously it ain't easy as been imagined. It's only the grace of God that guides us in training our children so that they can stop falling our who can translate the phrase: "pikin fall her mama hand" to correct English please? I've been trying to crack my brain to get it right. 


  1. Hahahahaha that's kids for u,it happens n dt doesn't mean you're lackin in your duties,I remember some months ago,we were travelling with public transport n d ppl behind us were eating rice,do u knw my baby started salivating as in real one o,making movements with his mouth n smackin his lips,d funny thing is he had nt started eating then o,I was so embarrased I quickly brought out his golden morn lol

  2. Another caption could be 'Pikin wey nor dey hear whistle '. Looooooooool

  3. hahahahahahahahah.... you are right!

  4. hmmmm, sweet dee, your story reminded me wen were travelling April this year, my baby was 10 months, there was a woman with two kids behind us, na so dem buy pekere (long plaintain chips) for ore, my pickin, begin throw body ooo, stretch hand sef, dem offer her, I say no, she cant eat it, she never even chew bisciut finish. my pickin no hear ooo, still dey do body, i carry her the other way for wia, until dey gave her one strand, prayed on it, bite small, put for her mouth. Of course, she could not chew it, she licked am small, and brought it out. hahahaha

    1. I guess the yellow colour attracted her, kids will be


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