Thursday, 6 August 2015

Common mistakes made by women in relationships/marriages.

I want you to take a good look at yourself  today and ask ‘who taught me about womanhood & have I ever tried to study to verify if what I was taught was

The other question I need you to answer is ‘why exactly did I get married and how emotionally stable was I when I was taking that decision’? 

You may actually be shocked that you have never really thought about these questions before now and these were some of the most critical questions anyone who wants to function at the highest level should have asked.

I see a lot of people teach about the subject of womanhood and what it takes to be a wife who have never in their lives done an independent study on the subject so they pass a combination of cultural and religious error to the people they teach and those ones also strive to live up to these error without asking their teachers if they have actually been able to meet these standards.

Trust me no man and I repeat no man can make you happy if you have not learnt to be happy with yourself because a wrong you would never be able to correctly interpret whatever your man does no matter how good he is. Little wonder loads of women who pray never to marry a man like their father eventually end up with a man who begin to exhibit the exact traits they were running away from. Your life ends the day the key to your happiness is delegated into the hands of another person.

I will begin to share some of the common mistakes married women make from tomorrow but always remember that we see things the way we are not the way things really are so don't fight your man without checking who you have become and how correct your interpretation of reality is.

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  1. The line, Your life ends the day the key to your happiness is delegated into the hands of another person, is the most true and profound statement ever!!! Very well put my dear!!

  2. Marriage is between a man and a woman. there should never be a third party. Nice post.

    1. Third parties are sent to destroy marriages. Keep them at arms length.

  3. Looking forward to the subsequent posts.

    1. Me too... Can't wait to read more... @Diary of a naija mom, pls don't take too long oooooo......


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