Monday, 31 August 2015

Taking out a positive frustration.

I've been wondering if i'm the only one with a messy vehicle...hmmm before you blame me it's not my fault biko. I am a mother of many kids and I always  find out my hand bag won't contain most items we need when we step out unless I use a traveling suitcase ‎as my handbag so it can contain all our

This habit grew gradually as the number of my kids, it started innocently with leaving a pack of diapers and then wipes followed by spare socks and bibs and that's how's clothes joined‎. Baby cups, spoons and vacuum flasks ain't left out, don't get me wrong please it isn't a deliberate act it was born out of necessity when my kids demands became too much when we go out and secondly each time we want to step out it saves us time in packing.

I decided to take my time to clean out my car today as a way of venting positively, that brings me finally to my reason for blogging today. I usually tend to clean and tidy up my environment when i'm angry, unhappy, stressed or not just in the mood,  I hope you all know why(tongue out). 

I used to have an Ex who would prefer to drink to stupor when unhappy or stressed and my then room mate in the university ‎preferred to have sex to calm her nerves when in the foul mood.

What about you? How do you ease your stress or get yourself calm after a bad day or mood?‎


  1. When I am so stressed I just sleep...can't explain it but it just works for me
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  2. You and your many kids. Are they up to a dozen? Cos the way you always say many kids ehn

    Anyways, I just get tucked on my phone atleast to read what will make me smile. Gone were those days I brood. It's getting better

  3. I listen to music or I shower when I'm angry...

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  5. I hardly get angry but if I do, I stay on my own and frown for a short time. Pere!

  6. When I'm stressed or angry, I just keep to myself and make sure I don't talk to anybody until I calm my nerves
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  7. I grab my phone and find something interesting to read. Lol

  8. i cant wait to have that kinda habit.its a good one.

    when am stressed its either i sleep or i stay glued to my blog.

  9. Lol!
    I'm curious, how many kids have you got?
    In the past, around my early years in the university, I worked out to de-stress and I'm talking crazy, obsessive work out routine and I had, not four, but six-packs proper.
    Sequel to a major heartbreak, peer pressure and just bad influence, I drank to de-stress and it was on and off, then I overate to de-stress, then I wrote to de-stress....
    Currently it's a bit of some; exercising , sometimes overeating( which, by God's grace I'm working on), writing, cooking, cleaning up.....
    I've been teetotal for a while and intend to keep it that way.
    It is well.

  10. The best time for me to sleep and enjoy it is when am emotionally down...


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