Sunday, 30 August 2015

Getting it off my chest from a sick bed.

I've been down with cold and malaria for about a week that's why I haven't been regular with posts.
Thanks to those who mailed me specifically asking me why I  have not published much posts in the last one week‎, I really appreciate. 
Permit me blog visitors to get this issue off my chest biko, haba! It isn't fair blog visitors abeg how can I get close to a thousand blog visits in a day and i'll get a miserable 10comments or less on each post, I asked the other time how I could serve you all better and majority gave  good commendations and asked I post jokes or funny pictures and memes too which I did but I regret the waste of MB I used to publish those posts cos I got the least views and comments worst of all on those two posts. Biko,  I ask and beg of you all, please share my posts on your social media handles(facebook,twitter, instagram etc) and also please follow Naija mom on our social media handles.
Twitter ‎: @‎naijamomdiary
Like my facebook page too: ‎A naija mom's diary
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Finally, please support my blog by leaving a comment after reading each post, when I don't get comments it's seems as if ‎ i'm talking to myself or I ain't making any sense, which I know I do. I'm still open to suggestions on how to make here better for you readers, share your suggestions once more in comment section or via any of Naija mom's social handles. Mrs O a blog visitor once suggested I post "hotest mom" or "hotest dad" or even "hotest couple of the week or on daily basis as the spirit leads. Her reason is that the single girls and guys are getting all the attention on other blogs and it'll be only fair if the married ones also get a sense of belonging somewhere too, it isn't a crime to be  What do you all think about this amongst other suggestions I hope to get from you all?

 Be generous and share posts after commenting.


  1. We are sorry Naija Mom.... We promise to make ammends....

  2. lolz.... consistency is the word.. include a fuuny footnote asking readers to comment


    1. I've been consistent prior to last week. I'll probably write the footnote text.

  3. Hello, sorry to hear about you not feeling well, hope you get better soon.

    Its a good thing that you're interested in what your readers want, and are open to suggestions. Having said that, I believe going back to the main reason you started this blog, to what you felt, going back there will help you a lot. Because as long as you enjoy what you are doing, even one comment will be good enough. People can tell you to post jokes or whatever, but what do you want for your blog? What message do you plan to pass across in your posts? And what do you want your brand to be all about? Answer these questions and find similar bloggers with the same ideas, visit them, leave comments, interact and show you care. That's how to build a connection, and a network. But the most important thing, your blog content has to cater to people. Who are these people?

    Greetings and best wishes!

    1. I totally agree with Blogoratti, like a 100%. I've been down with malaria too. *sigh*

    2. Thanks so much blogoratti, I really appreciate your kind suggestions. Mummyhive get well soon dear.

  4. Lol!
    One of the blogging hazards I believe every blogger experiences, lol.
    I agree totes with Blogoratti on this- go back to the real reason you decided to blog in the first place and interact with other blogs you find interesting.
    I for one won't continue leaving comments on a blog whose owner never extends the courtesy to me or even once responds to my comment- it might seem petty- but if it's happened enough times, I simply stop commenting because I take it that the owner couldn't be bothered and could care less about me.
    Just do you hun.
    Sending positive vibes to you whilst you heal :)

  5. Get well soon dear.
    The Lord is your muscle.

  6. Ahahhahahahhahaha I had a good laff naija mom hian

    Make we dey follow follow. I can imagine when you post and no comment. Well some that are not on blogger find it hard to drop comments cos u will have to explain again and again

    But really, it has improved nah!!!Atleast I remember my first time here and do visit more blogs...They will return such visit. Your contents are original nah and you should be proud of that.Visit SDK blog, we have plenty moms there that would love your blog cos I see their comments there.

    Sorry about your health. I almost tot you were talking about me. Was down with malaria plus as well. But am good now!!!! Was told to go and Sick no more....

    All the best. My best post is still the Dog post and I bet you everybody in my house read it!!!!

    1. Awww...I hope you feel better now. Thanks so much for your encouragement. * Kisses*

  7. Sorry about your health. It can be painful when you take your time and see no comments. Relax and continue to blog what you love.. What makes you happy. With time people will comment.

  8. soory ma'am, the lord is your strenght

    as per the comments, tho i am still a newbie in the blogsphere and with experience i have realised that we should be more concerned about the pageviews,it takes time for people to start commenting.just do what you like doing.lemme tell you sometimes i get a thousand view but like 5 comments,can you beat that? but thye fact that a thousand clicked on my post is like jellof rice in my tommy.

    just be consistent,interact more with new bloggers,get used to your readers have your unique style,i tell you the sky will be your starting point.


  9. Hi Naija Mom - hope you are feeling better now! Wishing u 'soonest recover'.....


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