Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The side effects of prolonged bottle feeding in kids.

So, my kids rounded up their holiday at granny's house last weekend, they really seemed to enjoy every bit of their stay.
I expected it though, most granny's don't discipline kids much. 

First thing I noticed was, my last kid wasn't using his bottle feeders anymore‎ an instant breeze of relief went through my entire body. I have been lazy to wean him off his bottle feeders, each time I keep saying next month and he is close to 24months old. 

I know the the side effects of prolonged bottle feeders which i'll share with you now;

1. It's a likely cause of obesity, my little boy is a bit overweight and that has been my worry for a long time, I felt once he begins to walk he might just shed some of it but he keeps adding possibly because of his feeders he never stopped hanging in his mouth.

2.Tooth cavity, prolonged bottle feeding causes tooth cavity in babies. The milk which contains a lot of sugar/ food particles leads to cavity in the tooth.

Not withstanding, it's not so much difficult to discontinue the use of bottle feeders Before the age of 24months. I used 2 different approaches  for my kids Before granny helped with the last one.

1. ‎ I was a bit extreme with Josh, he though was spoon feeding well but would want to top it with some bottle feeding and it was also a soothing device for him to fall asleep. One day I just hid all his bottles without prior notice, he didn't find it funny and he cried but forgot about it within 48hrs. 

2. ‎I decided to be a bit lenient with Lydia since I noticed she was an emotional angel, I basically used praises and incentives to wean her off bottles. I introduced her to straw cups and when she found out she could blow bubbles into the contents in the cup, naturally the bottle was no longer fun for her.

3. For my lasty, granny said it was blackmail she used to keep him away from his bottle feeders, she taunted him when ever he is caught with his bottle. She would tell him, a Prince don't use bottle feeders or big boys don't use bottle feeders. He got tired I guess and dumped his bottle.

In all, persistence is key in trying to wean your little one off bottles, don't give up and leave emotions aside, be rest assured within a maximum of 3 days they will forget the habit. ‎

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  1. To take care of babies is not easy but it is a wonderful thing to go through the process

  2. Truth be told, not easy but rewarding.

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