Friday, 4 September 2015

Wifey vs side chick!!!

We see it every day, man gets caught cheating, wifey attacks the side chick!

I’ve always wondered why women target the other woman when their boyfriend/fiancĂ©/husband is caught cheating? I’ve heard of many instances where the wife and her friends roll up on the side chick to “warn” her or bless her with some hot slaps. But what about the man? They often get forgiven while the community of wives pray against this Jezebel and others likes her.

Shouldn’t the offended woman direct her anger at her husband? You know the one who took those vows with her? Wetin consine sidechick for this matter? She’s not the one that is betraying her family.

I’ve heard firstahand stories of side chicks who got bolder after being confronted by wifey!

One happened in Lagos recently, the wife went to a popular hair salon where she confronted the side chick and gave her like three hot slaps in front of everyone. Before anyone could start recording the embarrassing event on their phones for Twitter, the side chick said to the wife, “Up until now I only had his dick, from now own I’m going after his heart”

Shortly after like magic the man moved out of his matrimonial home oo and set up shop with the side chick! Lobatan!

Walahi the fear of Lagos, PH and Abuja side chicks is real!

So when all these is said and done is it worth confronting the side chick? Have you ever confronted your man’s side hoe? Sidechicks have you ever been confronted by wifey?


  1. Let me wait n see the comments

  2. I don't believe in confronting sidechicks...the one with the wandering eyes and third leg is the man. The choice to stay faithful or cheat is entirely his.
    Nma's Blog 

  3. Well I think women are their own enemies. When you hear or see the man is married ; shekina just leave him Abeg.. men should also learn the act of self control..if your husband has a side chick all the confrontation should be channeled to the husband oo because I'm sure the side chick did not draw or force him....

  4. Hmmmmm it is well cos really there is no perfect way to deal with this kind of issue. As a wife, just ensure you do whatever you can to keep your home. Do your own best!!!

  5. I've never been the side chick but.. If you like give him bj with whipped cream before he goes to work, if he will cheat, he will cheat.
    God help us!

  6. From a man's point of view: Women if u know we're married, even if we r coming on to u big time, jus leave us do not engage in our flirting and come ons we r the weaker ones in this department!

    1. A bit of self control isn't too much of a task you

  7. If a woman is beautiful wit a tiny waist and fat ass it is!! Lol

  8. I remember when I confronted one side chic during my days in the university, it wasn't funny. I made my sisters to insult her then I was still young. At the end of it all the guy didn't end up with neither me nor the side chic. Sometimes it's not worth the fight

  9. Funny enough I have a yet to be published post like this in my drafts. You are the only one looking for answers

  10. Funny enough I have a yet to be published post like this in my drafts. You are the only one looking for answers

  11. Women should not fight over a man. A man will always cheat. Na their nature


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