Saturday, 5 September 2015

Which team are you on? Team snoop or dont snoop?!

In this day and age, they say a smartphone says a lot about a person than words of mouth. So in a relationship(any kind of relationship), is going through your partner's phone/laptop/device  advisable ?

•Some say "Snoop!".
Snooping has saved a lot of people from STDs. Snooping has made some so called main chics realized they were side chics. Snooping has even prompted a father somewhere to know that he is not the father of his 2 kids.

•Some say "Don't snoop, you have to trust him/her". 
However, the trust you have in someone has no bearing on what the person will do or will not do. Trusting is a personal decision just like "faith", it has no impact on the truth.‎

Which team are you on, team snoop or not!

As for me i'm not a team snoop wifey, biko I ain't got time for that or probably DH hasn't given me reasons to think otherwise. 

I'll be away from blogging tomorrow been Sunday, I need some real rest privately with DH all day...(if you like ask further questions). i'll resume blogging on monday. Please your comments are like butter on my bread like Favour would‎


  1. Both...Will snoop so when you are sure all is well, snooping stops

    But really, it's tasking jere... Trust matters in a relationship verrrrry important.

  2. It's a two way thing.. I encourage snooping sometimes..

  3. I'm indifferent but I sure do not like people checking my device except you ask me so I do unto others as I wish them to do unto me.

  4. if i hear say i no snoop... we are jus curious jor


  5. Tbh, snooping isn't really my thing. That doesn't mean that if DH phone was in my lap and unlocked, I wouldn't scroll through his messages- I probably would but I won't scheme and go out of my way to read his msgs.
    On the whole, I truly trust my hubby 100% so that's just not my headache.

    1. I like that, it's never necessary to snoop on your partner if he doesn't give you the reason to do so.

  6. I hardly snoop hubby's phone. For crying out loud, what am I looking for when he gladly/willingly leaves his phone at home atimes when he's out of the house? Abeg Alabekee no get time for that oooo

  7. I don't snoop, I Check my hubby phone but guess what his phone is so dry like the dessert. I am the only female contact on his bbm.i don't even bother my head eve with the fact I know his password ad he sleeps earlier.

    But I will say snooping should be done once every month for all married women/men , it keeps us in check.

  8. You snoop, you loose... Lol.
    I don't prescribe snooping.
    But come to think of it, why is it that the female folks snoop the most?

  9. Snooping will only give sleepless nights and

  10. When you're younger and the marriage is still young , i think snooping seems the best and fun. But as you get older, you find out you don't have time for that. No time for that. The most important thing is the peace and love in the home.Have alot to do. naaaaah


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