Monday, 7 September 2015

Sex is overated!

So much noise is being made these days about sex. Our airspace is virtually inundated with sex and sex related videos,images,discussions,lectures and posts!
Even some religious centres now teach sex too!
Aren't we over exaggerating the place of sex in relationships? The last time I checked,sex is not a factor of production. One's relevance in this life is not measured by the ability to have Attention or reach multiple orgasms! If the mastery of sex is that essential perhaps porn stars should have been celebrated! Not much is known about the sex life of those people who significantly impacted this world. But the capacity of their human minds and the impact on the planet earth were documented. The likes of Aristotle, Socrates,Newton,Einstein, Mandela,Steve Job,Bill Gates,Dangote et al have all made significant changes that transformed this world positively! I have never heard about their sex life!
Why are we now dwelling on sex as if it is the most important element of change! Why are young people commuting suicide in the name of sex? Why are couples divorcing each other for lack or inadequate sex?
I sincerely believe that sex is overrated!
Source: NL.


  1. It's totally overrated... It is used to sell everything now a days
    pheezy is back

  2. I'm loving this just made common sense right's always about sex these days

  3. I'm loving this just made common sense right's always about sex these days

  4. hz lost its place jor... God has a diff plan buh man da do anoda tin


  5. Well said.. Some people have given sex a totally different has never been a yardstick for success..

    1. Ghen ghen sister Gloria have spoken!!!!

  6. You just nailed it here dear. Sex is long overrated in our society

  7. Am here with a contrary opinion ma...Sex in anyway has never being overrated. Sex education is for all, but western or vocational education is not. If a man applies the rules of sex wrongly to his family, it is capable of destroying his househood.

    Everyone needs to know about sex, because it involved everyone, and if not all, let say 90%. Our society is seriously in danger today because we had paid a little or no attention to how sex life of our community should look like.

    Sex is just the source through which any family unit is constituted, and groups of families resulted to a larger community. So much attention has to be paid on it. In all our religious houses and social gathering, we must talk about it.

    Note: There are so many great men who had fall, because of sexual scandals.

  8. Abeg it should not be overrated till I marry biko

  9. Sex is just overated, there is no biggy about it with time those who crave for it will get tired when time comes.

  10. We say Sex is overrated and what are we doing here talking about sex? Lol... "Sex is Overrated!"

  11. Yeah right..... Lol. The wordl we live in.Nice blog

  12. People tend to talk about sex because, It is a selling story. And everyone wants to sell a story forgetting there is a lot left to be said. Indeed sex is overrated but can never be out of people's lips.

  13. Sex isn't over-R'd generally via my view... Honestly we are making it look so because of the western influence on us 'africans'... 'Before them sex was there and it happened but as we are giving them back all they brought to africa... The knowledge they gave us about sex becomes questionable that we say its over-R'd... To me its not.. 'Remember its a 2way stuff.. Eida the parties involved say yes and do it or say no and don't....'

    As always, its in no way over'R'd rada d Western influence is making us say so...

    Hopefully I'l sit down and do something on sex, honestly you have just given me something to crack my head for tonight...

    *NOTE: My opinion..


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