Thursday, 17 September 2015

Would you test your partner's fidelity with your friend?

Hey blog readers please accept my sincere apologies for not publishing any post all week, the stress odi too Schools have resumed and ofcos I double as a working Mom and wife and lesson teacher to my kids as well. I rather do certain things for and with my kids rather than delegate or pay someone else to do if for me. I hope i'm forgiven.

So, straight to the question of the day: Would you test your partner's fidelity with your friend? I ask this because a recent situation played out among some university girls and before the original girlfriend could say jack Robinson her friend  was already sharing invitation cards. Well, not everyone could be such a betrayal to their friends.

Over to you all, would you go such extra mile to test your spouses fidelity?


  1. Apology Accepted.

    I wont

    I wonder why people do that sef

  2. No way..... Loads of relationships have crashed cos of that... I'l let nature take its cause... What is mine is mine... What is yours is yours...

  3. That's the highest height of stupidity.

  4. Apology accepted...I just wonder how you, moms cope with work, kids and blogging. The Lord is your strength

    Eheee...I don't even have girlfriends per say. So this one no concern bffs are males.
    Nma's Blog 

  5. Hmmm this is serious! The lady don follow fast track.

  6. Some girls are not laughing at all. Odi kwa risky.

  7. Naija mom, check your email, I sent u a mail.

  8. There is no need to test his infidelity. Men cheat. Even if they marry Miss world or not, men will surely go outside.

    1. Not all men cheat though, some are very principled.

  9. Rubbish, I can't plus it's risky .

  10. What you are looking for is what you'll find... OyO!


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