Sunday, 13 September 2015

Pondering a bit and been thankful.

I have been so excited and thankful all day, I pondered on my growing up days and said to myself "I'm really blessed ".   I remember when my Mom had to drop us at an Uncles house as she had to complete her university degree. Life was tough for me especially since I was th youngest and life at my Uncles house was survival of the fittest.

Everything was a struggle in the house, feeding was worst of all. To be able to eat to your fill in the house you first have to develop a heat resistant mouth. It was a house with a total of eight girls and six boys, we were not served our meals individually, it was served in a big wash hand basin, it was only my Uncle and wife that had plates and cutlery to themselves. The children used their hands to eat including me, it was a tough one initially but since I had to survive i joined in the struggle for food each time we were served. You dare not ask for more food as your request won't be granted. Did I mention it was only one basic meal we had per day? We resorted to plucking fruits from the streets depending on what season of fruit it is, any day we don't get fruits even unripe ones we head to refuse dumps to find yam sidlings to roast and eat.

If by chance we were given a loaf of bread by visitor who returned from a journey as that was the only time bread was welcomed in that house, my aunt would preserve it till the following morning, buy a full pack of cube sugar and only 2 lipton bags. In a 10litres bucket she'll  pour in hot water soak in the two lipton bags  and pour in the the entire packet of sugar to be served to the entire family with the bread.

Sleeping arrangement nko? All the girls where made to share the famous archaic vono spring bed, we didn't sleep length wise but width wise so it could contain us all. The older ones would always knock we the younger ones at night  if we don't couple properly while asleep.‎ 

The sanitary situation is something else, the typical pit latrine was used in the house, the type that gives your body a unique odour after making use of it. The type that breeds all sorts of rodents. The rats that feed from such latrine are so big they can be mistakened for rabbits.

I can go on nd on about the poor living conditions I faced in that house while growing but it'll sadden my current thankful mode I'm in. 

I'm thankful today I live in a better condition than my Uncles.

I'm thankful my family and I can afford three square meals and even more if need be.

I'm thankful my kids are living considerably well... at least above average.

I'm thankful to God for making to realise I ought to be thankful.

I thank God for preserving my life, darling husband and that of my kids‎.

I'm thankful for the good health my family and I has.
I'm thankful for been thankful.


  1. I thank God for good health. I mght not be where l wanna be now, but l thank God that I have a stable kidney and have not had dlalysis Since , 2010. I thank God for everything!

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    1. Wow! I thank God for you. Healing is permanent in your life in Jesus name.

  2. This post is so touching. I am thankful to God for a lot of things, my life, my children, my DH, shower of blessings, where will I start or stop. HE is an awesome God.

  3. Babes I can relate well with this post but it's story for another day. U remember the boarding house post where I said I loved school? That was my saving grace. Well, I still look back to say thank God for where I am today and never will my kid go live with someone even if I live in penury, we will sail through together

    Thank God for your life dear. We will all get there

  4. I am so thankful for life. For my family. For peace of mind God has given me. For the kind of heart He gave me. For making me who I am today. For favour and blessing He has showered on me. For these and for the ones I did not mention I am so thankful to God .

    1. Praise sure works wonders, don't stop been thankful.

  5. There are so many things that I'm thankful to God for, and if I start mentioning them here, I may bore some people with my so many testimonies. Our God is indeed a Good God

  6. I also went through a lot. Story for another day. God kept me, remember when I use to join those truck that bring in gravel,sands etc in order to transport me to school, so on like that.
    Thank God I am here, my past condition didn't make me. Here I am grateful to the most high. Still anticipating for more.

    1. Glory to God its a testimony today!

    2. I would be glad yo read Bola's story some day. Let me read how this young lady follow trailers .

      Thanks for this post Naija mom, it nice to remember those odd days just to give glory to God. I like the write up

  7. Great testimony there.. O yes I also have my story but am so thankful for the gift of life...
    It been God all the way..


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