Monday, 19 October 2015

Starter kit for housewives.

Before embarking on a trip one would properly prepare, right? As I recently became a housewife you all know about, here is a list of my starter kit in other to make my present situation worth the while.

1. Device with internet connection.

Believe me your days will be boring without a device with internet connection, how would you get to know all the juicy gossips on blogs or what's the latest with Naija mom? heehehehe.

2. A maid or labour saving equipment.

The whole idea is to have  a stress free stay at home. You don't need to spend your entire  day cleaning and getting stressed from domestic chores. Invest in labour saving equipment or get a maid if you cant handle them. I cant though.

3. Cable tv.


Housewives all over the developed world are  accused of staying home and watching cable tv all day, I wonder what they want us to do while at home, work till we drop? Abegi....tune to those interesting channels that makes us to believe once more in true love. It can be accompanied with a glass of good wine, juice or snack on fruits.

4. Sexy lingeries,

scented candles and petals.

For God sake how would any sane housewife who watches all the romantic programs from zee world to telemundo not be horny everyday. In other to set the environment and mood for a perfect lovemaking get yourself the perfect sexy lingerie and believe me your man will respond positively to your desires...* winks*

5.  Money!!!
The list isn't complete without some money at hand. How would you buy airtime on your phone to gossip? Ah! Thats how housewives while away time too nau...abi?

 we need money to shop as well , we necessarily might not need all the things we buy but who cares? It relieves stress abegi.

We need money as well to hang out with fellow jobless housewives just to console ourselves we are happy without a job even though deep down we admire working class wives.

6. Read a book!

Take time off and read a book. Its not always about gossiping, romance and shopping, educate and empower yourself.

7. Exercise!

Be sure to quickly add some weight once you adopt this lifestyle. Shed off those excess fat and be fit for yourself and DH.

8. Pray!

The rest of your entire family is away, sacrifice about 30minutes of your time every day to commit them into the Lord's hands. Pray for  guidance , wisdom, knowledge, patience and blessings upon your entire household.

This is my starter kit as a housewife, what did I miss? And what's yours? Share with us.


  1. Noted!! Naija Mom - this your starter kit na die!! You are on an entirely new level! LOL!!

  2. Ahahahhaha you are really prepared

    Abeg enjoy yourself jere

  3. Just saw this blog. You write well naija mom. Am glued. Added to my bookmark already.

  4. Just saw this blog. You write well naija mom. Am glued. Added to my bookmark already.

  5. But seriously the housewife can be very boring. As u said they envy the working class housewives. It's not easy sitting around the house all day waiting for your husband or kids to come back. Their starter pack is hilarious by the way.

    1. its not easy but with my starter kit it isnt really boring

  6. What a list! 8 should be top on any HW's list.

  7. With this kit you should not get bored...

  8. Change is here!!
    Number 4 is bae!! In school, even though I don't read with candles, I had them burning and I'm so investing in them when I get married.

  9. You miss something but I won't tell you. I think is the most important of all...but you omitted

    Just kidding, perfect only need your kids around to make home more lively after school.

  10. This your starter kit is interesting oo!
    No more dull moments for you.
    God bless you N.M

  11. This your starter kit is interesting oo!
    No more dull moments for you.
    God bless you N.M

  12. I can over relate with 1, it keeps me sane
    2,I got a lady to clean up the house every Thursday I can't stress
    It's a pity I don't do T.V, my kinda blogging won't allow me besides I don't have patient to watch T.V I do not hear what they say.
    Lingerie, petals and candles, nah, I am not romantic, maybe I buy them 2mao when I go for my unplanned shopping
    I love money, that's why I work tirelessly.

    Oh my bad almost drained, lemme post before it goes off


  13. Perfect kit! The list made sense. Greetings naija mama!

  14. So so on point.ROFL.@Precious I think boredom depends on you as a person. Some people are lonely and bored with so many things around them.It doesn't apply to just housewives, they are even the busiest and always one out with good business ideas and home improvement.To add to this list you can still upgrade yourself and some times sit down and pause for a moment to bring out your creativity on other things because with time. The kind of businesses that come to ones mind now working 2/4/7/ would have clogged it.You can go back to chool, have a masters, PHD and so many others.
    Good job naijamom

  15. Hehehehehehehe I love this list scatter. Naija mom weldone. I got an office work to do. Lol u are really enjoying o. I envy u this relaxation. Just checking on u. How are u doing?

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  16. Lol! Interent connection!!!! Yes!!! What will I do without it. Will just lose my mind. Then I have memorised my ATM card details so I can shop easily as I browse without leaving my chilling position at any time to look for my card. Lol!

  17. A bunch of TV series and a generator


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