Friday, 30 October 2015

The longest 20 minutes of my life.

Since about Monday this week I've been a little bit down, I had this constant sick feeling in my tommy, general body weakness and on and off fever.
I tried to wave it aside saying it is because of change in activities, I'm no longer as active as before. I took PCM for a couple of days and felt just slightly better.

I decided I go in for a proper test yesterday been Thursday. When I got to the hospital just few minutes past 8am, at the packing lot I couldn't help the urge to throw up the contents in my a split second I vomited on the floor at the parking lot. Patients and passersby were heard saying, "sorry madam ",
 "call the nurses quickly ", 
one now said, "congratulations madam, na so boy pikin dey do for belle".
What?! Could I be preggers? 
I never even thought towards that direction for once all long.
All this while I was sited on ‎a bench meant for the security men, I was waiting for the potters to come clean the mess so I can tip them a little. I quickly stood up and walked briskly towards the hospital reception, I kept doubting in my mind, its not pregnancy, God turn every positivity into negativity. I turn prayer warrior under 1minute.

"Madam? May we have your small card?, that was the receptionist that spoke to me‎. I fumbled in my bag trying to get the small card and still firing my prayer of negativity silently. I handed him the card and he asked me to enter the first door by left down the hall. I found the door which was slightly open, I walked in and saw the Dr who greeted me first and asked me to sit down. 

He glanced at his computer screen and read out my name. What is your problem? The Dr asked. I narrated all the symptoms to him and the latest package I dropped at the parking lot.  He pulled out a test form and asked me to run pregnancy ‎ test. I thanked him and headed towards the lab.

At that point I started thinking of all my sins with DH, those kinky nights with sexy lingeries and scented candle‎s or is it those early morning quickies? Chai! It all became worthless to me at that moment faced with all symptoms pointing towards pregancy. 

My blood sample was taken at the lab and asked to wait 20minutes, I felt like I was told to wait 20years. ‎I tried to take my mind off it but I kept thinking if it turns out positive, what next? I swore on that spot to get a proper family planning as I wasnt on any.
20minutes elapsed and no word from them at the lab, I decided to remind them I was still around. They asked me to wait another 10mins....i sat down and continued waiting for the life changing results. 

Finally, I was told to meet the Dr as my results were sent to him. I was taking two steps at a time, no time to waste abeg. The Dr asked me to sit down let him tell me the results of the tests I just ran.

To be continued......‎


  1. Chai so what do u expect us to title this suspense you gave us? Even if na baby all join......we go still chop rice

  2. Waiting patiently for the result. I don't think u r pregnant jor.. Na malaria or fever.. Lol

  3. Hello Naija Mom, please don't keep us in suspense for too long oooo. We can't wait to hear what it is

  4. Am itching to read the rest.

  5. Haba! Which kind of wicked suspense is this one. Let me complete the story.


  6. Madam impossible, you cant keep me for suspense like they do you...congratulations. I dont need the result to say that, the symptoms are enough.

  7. Lol. Its God news joor.

  8. Replies
    1. See the I almost turned the laptop upside down to get the remaining It should be good news though. Congrats in advance.

  9. Hehe it's not nice oo..
    Waiting for part 2.. Someone is preggers lol

  10. No, she is not pregnant, Hahahaha

    Thank me later


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