Saturday, 28 November 2015

Black friday bug, the craze and abracadabra involved.

Who did the bug catch? The bug caught yours Naija mom badly and shamefully.
Ok, I anticipated this day and counting down since last week or more. I went through the two major sites(konga and jumia) and kept window shopping and noting my favourite picks I would want to purchase on black friday the latter(jumia) had more items I wanted all I prayed for on konga was for a pink keyboard pouch for samsung 10" price to drop, the pouch is so fine and girly.

The D'day 26th November arrived and I quickly went to konga as theirs started a day earlier, the price didn't drop even by 1naira, chai! I was devasted but kept on looking at the fashion items to see if shoe prices dropped but they were hell the same but added free gifts to them after purchase(konga abracadabra). I wasn't ready for such wayo and I went on to jumia to go over what I would pick the following day.

27th November about 1am I pulled out my phone and wanted to open jumia site, for an hour I was still trying to open just the home page, I thought it was poor network but I could easily access my dashboard and other sites. About 3am I was frustrated and slept off. 8am again Naija mom was back to the internet and on jumia site to start shopping, I could easily navigate through the pages and dropped a couple of items in my cart but would suddenly stop working, I guess it was network congestion. I literally kept trying all day and finished my black friday shopping about 8pm. The abracadabra I noticed on jumia black friday is this, some items rather got more expensive on black friday instead of dropping.

Who did the bug catch? Please share with us your experience.


  1. No time for such jare..
    Any little time i get to sleep is luxury for me and i don't waste all
    Una dey try sha lol

  2. Sebi na person wey get money bug go dey catch lol

    Funny though, I was at park n shop today and the crowd was massive, eben the workers were telling the HR that today's crowd is overwhelming. ?.

    1. Yes ooooo, the black friday tag was on every item.

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  5. Who get their used to all these for long do I never bothered to check for any. They just go round the media to deceive people to shop pele dear. You have to wait for Yello xmax Monday promo again.

  6. I stayed awake for nothing. I thought it was network failure only for me see tweets, complains about Jumai. Friday kor, yellow friday noni

  7. Nigerians can copy, with these recession sef. Black Friday nko, white Sunday ni

  8. Me I no kukuma disturb myself with the Black Friday wahala

  9. Why are we doing black friday?Not our tradition. Na wa. I did on line jare but i didn't really see much difference though. I can still get things that price during their normal sales which i normally do. My husband just did awoof for me so i decided to feel among.Not much price difference.

  10. Lool same thing jumia did last year. Doh


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