Saturday, 12 December 2015

Saturday night blues....

After that night that Stan disvirgin.ed me, he was a lot more caring and so romantic.
Sent me romantic sms's and called just to hear my voice and made sure I was doing well at all times.
This was his final year and last semester and I knew deep down inside me that this beautiful romance was gonna end soon.

On his last night  before he finally left for camp, we made mad love,.
This time, I was a lot more confident and flexible in the act of love making. I became sort of a pro. He kissed me squeezed my boobs and sucked all at the same time. I held his ere.ct dic.k and wrapped my hand around the shaft, kissed the cap lightly and continued to suck it. That was the first time I was trying tuo a man’s dckk. he moaned and threw his head lightly behind and kept moaning,

"i love u Ify!” He said.

I was at it till he begged to enter my veggee.  He turned my behind and rammed in via my rear like he couldn’t get enough of me. I knelt down on the bed with my palms flat on the bed for support while he fcked away.

The pleasure was damn good.

I closed my eyes and wished it didn't end.

We finished the session with a passionate missionary style in which he always paused to  kiss my lips and nipples. We finally slept off!

About 3am or so, I felt his hard thingy behind and I immediately knew it was time for more sex.
He gently gave about a dozen pecks on my bare back as I became all wet and dripping. He turned me over and whispered a good morning sunshine into my ears and I smiled and kissed him lightly. I cupped my b’oobs and pulled him closer to suck on them while I traced my hands under the pillow for con.dom.

He wore it nicely and I climbed on top him, the cowgirl style and rode him gently while he fondled my bo’

He moaned and groaned and asked me to pause a bit because he was about to cu.m. It all fell on deaf ears as I kept on with my cowgirl moves until he let out a loud moan and came.
After catching his breath,  he said it wasn’t over. I smiled at myself and felt like an achiever. He went to the shower and I followed him too. While in the shower, I had the strong urge to go another round since I was yet to

I quickly had a game plan, I lathered my entire body and asked him to scrub my back which he did. I offered to do same for him as I scrubbed his back and went to his chest, feet and finally his dckk.

I kept stroking till he became had as rock. I rinsed off the soap and sucked him deeply till I almost gagged.  We quickly rinsed our body and went to d room where he laid me down gently like a piece of precious ornament and buried his head in my veegee and licked me silly. I moved my waist and used my both hands to hold his head in place while he sucked, teased and licked my thick and swollen clit.

 As I was dripping wet, he gently guided his dick into my veegee and thrusted into my warm c’unt; gently, I could feel it in every part of my body.  I moaned and groaned.

“Ooooohh..  aaahhhhhh…”

 when he hit me at my gee-spot, I had to use my hands to support my
legs. I got tired a bit and cupped my b.oobbs with hands and squeezed them while he fcked me deeply.  He kept raising the tempo and I was already building up and finally, we both came. He collapsed on the bed
and we dozed off again.


  1. Hmmmm...Oturugbeke..This is getting hotter than fire ooo

  2. Choi, this one na blue film.

    1. I think you forgot to tell us its a guest post...any visitor who searched and got this from search engines will assumed its your personal experience story.

      This writer enh...Kai. She wan break my fasting.

  3. Omo this kind thing wey Naija Mom dey do person's getting more and more interesting.

  4. Mummmmmmmmy

    This one no good ooo. This one can disvirgin a virgin biko


  5. Hmmm.. Finally! They will wake up and have another round.

  6. Hian!! ....and the moral of the story is........?!?!?!?!? LOL!


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