Saturday, 12 December 2015

You'll be amazed at the works of this female photographer...

I met this wonderful lady some days ago and the first thing she said to me was, don't let this your outfit go without a memory.
She positioned herself perfectly with a sophisticated looking camera and took several amazing shots of me, i was wowed by the camera quality and she jokingly told me keep my smart device just for casual selfies. What surprised me most was, she gave me the soft copies for free and her complimentary card.

Ofcos, I called her when i returned to Abuja just to thank her and further asked her if I could feature her on my blog as i was really impressed by what she does and she does damn so well.

She gave me the go ahead to do so and here are few out of the many photos she has taken to her credit....

She is actually a professional Photographer, who can cater for your photography needs for any kind of event;  pre-weddings photo shoot , weddings, birthdays, dedications, burial, corporate events, family portraits, modelling portfolio etc. You can locate her at the address given below and demand for a discount once you can prove to her Naija mom said so. 

 Court 4 junction off ogunu rd,
 After Fomas fuel station, ogunu rd, 
 Warri, delta state
 08072865427, 08072865428, 08033541816
 Instagram- @kaptureitphotography

Lets see who can spot Naija mom from the pictures above...


  1. Replies
    1. They are really nice for real.

      Miz Tee how about featuring you next week?

  2. Go Team Kapture It. Thanks naija mom

  3. Wow! U mean a woman did all of these? Am wowed. But delta state is far o

  4. Beautiful. God bless her hustle

  5. Clear pictures

  6. Cool pictures.... I knw naijamum wen I see her... But I'l kp dt to myself for d now....

    Hope I dnt use wrong choice of words????? (Iceclosed)

    Frm d trip to jerusalem 'you hv a perfectly toned body and will fit perfectly into any clothes and along with your smiles wen u played in the mud in ur trip I get ur smiles too'


  7. I know dat lady...have a couple of shots from her not long ago...they r infact very nice

  8. I gbadu her way. Looking forward to seeing her doing contract with me.

  9. Very nice, beautiful and lovely pictures

  10. Hmmmmm NaijaMom, the pictures are lovely!!!

    If I have to spot you,others look like new bride so lemme go for the lady with the blue headgear. Thou I wanna believe our mummy is slimmer

    Nice shots!!!

  11. The one wit the thumbs up wit ur daughter. Im jus slick like dat :)

  12. Waoooo beautiful... naijamom are you in green gele??Lol

  13. *tying green gele I mean

  14. Big up team kapture it. Goodjob kay,...godwilling,u're gonna do my wedding job too.

  15. I think Chinco bee guessed right.... Naija mom, please unveil yourself to us. Lool


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