Thursday, 21 January 2016

Guess who is back?

Where do I begin my apologies?
Let me spare you all my reasons for been away all these while, the good thing is I'm back and ready to continue blogging.
Here is something to brighten up the beginning of your weekend.

Laugh it off!!!
One morning at a doctor's clinic, a patient arrives complaining of serious back pain.
The doctor examines him and asks, "Tell me, what happened to your back?"
The patient replies, "Sir, I work for a local night club. This morning, I went to my apartment early and heard some noise in my bed room. On entering I knew someone had been with my wife and the balcony door was opened.
I rushed out of the balcony door and did not find anyone.
As I looked down from the balcony, I saw a man running out and he was dressing himself. I was very angry. I grabbed the
fridge and threw it at him. It was very heavy. That was how I strained my back."
Later that day, a second patient arrives and he appears he had been in a car wreck.
The doctor said, "My previous patient looked bad, but you look terrible! What the hell happened to you?"
He replied, "You know I have been unemployed for a while now.
Today was the first day at my new job. I forgot to set my alarm and I was late. I was running around the building, getting dressed at the same time, and you won't believe it! I was hit by a fridge! I don't know how the fridge fell on me, or where it came from!"
Before closing hours, the third patient came in. He looks like he was punished in hell. The doctor is shocked. He asked, "What in the hell happened to you?!"
The patient replies, "Well, It started like this; "I was in a fridge..."


  1. Very funny joke. BTW, welcome back Naija Mom and Happy New Year one more time. It's nice seeing you online again.

    Alabekee's Blog

  2. Welcome back mommy..

    Ahahahhahahhah Now we know the culprit.Thats good

  3. *hugs*smiles* good to see you Naija Mom!

  4. Welcome back and happy new year to you

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  6. Lolzzzz. Poor guy, I mean the one who was late to work. Welcome back dear.

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  7. Start from the beginning...... I was beginning to wonder where you were hiding......

  8. I thought of you when I was having my bath this morning. I told myself that I will send an email. I was about to get your mail now I saw your new posts.

    Sure you are fine

  9. Ok because of this story that got me lol, you are forgiven and here's a big hug.


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