Saturday, 18 July 2015

Honeymoon aboard....

My oh my! What a quite hectic day I had yesterday . You guys won't believe I went to work yesterday  . Well, it was more like a hand over briefing I had since i'll officially be taking my leave‎ on Tuesday next week.

D‎H and I took the kids straight to his mum's for holiday, Mama was very excited to have her grand kids come over for the holiday, she got 2 of her nieces stationed in the house to assist with the kids through out there stay in her house. 

Mama made not less than 10calls within a small space of 15minutes to her friends, relatives and church members to announce her grand kids came to stay with her for the long holiday and didn't fail to tell them of how well brought up her daughter-in-law is‎ that's why I brought them without her begging me to do so.

Trust Mama! she had evacuated her room and prepared it nicely for the kids to occupy through out their stay. We quickly unloaded their luggages and few food items my kids can't do a bit without ‎into the house.

The kids quickly adjusted into their new temporal home and that got me really assured they'll have fun in my absence. We quickly ate the delicious meal Mama prepared and announced our intention to leave, she didn't release us without holding a prayer session with all of us. ‎

On our way to base I heaved a sigh of relief, the taught of the rest‎ I was going to have to the taught of having a private time with DH alone got me really excited.  

The fun weekend have begun for DH and I, it just feels like i'm a newly wed on honeymoon. How's your Sallah weekend going and who killed ram biko? Lol. ‎


  1. Lol.......enjoy your weekend dear

  2. I can imagine the relieve. Enjoy your holidays too.

  3. Enjoy ur vacation jare my sister,I'm doing same by next week friday,tho my own hubby's not around but I plan on doin some important things in dere absence n also rest well

  4. enjoy ur vacation!!!

  5. It's not easy being a mom. Have a blessed weekend.

  6. It's not easy o. I wish we could switch places. Lol without your hubby tho.


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