Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Which is the weaker sex, male or female?

I actually promised myself to deliver at least two posts daily this period but‎
somehow the devil just comes in the way with its ugly head...Heheheheheh trust naija women and blaming the devil for every ill luck they come across. 

DH has been down under the weather with quite a severe flu. He is typically the type that hardly breaks down, you wouldn't blame him now since the weather isn't favourable‎ I have practically been tending to DH's needs all day, at a point I asked myself isn't it just a flu? But then again, my mother would say women are blessed with so much strength the men don't know.

I remember when I was pregnant and was down with malaria but I can swear I am stronger than how DH is portraying the gravity of the flu he has. Thank goodness the kids ain't around so I don't see it as a pinch of Talking of the kids, mother-in-law is still coping well, I know they are putting her through a bit of stress but she will never accept it. 

Kudos to all the strong naija women out there who would work their asses off and still be cheerful, who said we are the weaker vessels or sex? I can go on and on to sight examples on how strong we are but I want to make my posts short from henceforth...
Guys, please the floor is open to prove me and other women wrong and ladies don't be intimidated biko(please) and please sight more examples to prove we are the stronger sex. 

The floor is open!!

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  1. Awwww my warmest regards to ur DH,pls give him all d TLC he needs it o

    I'm sure even men can not say women r weak,ds past week I've been very ill,then I had a nasty case of menstrual cramps,with three kids 2 cater for,mehn I had 2 pull myself up,who do I leave them for,women r very very very strong abeg,nobody can dispute it abeg

    1. Awwww...eyaaa so sorry about your cramps. The Lord is our muscle.

  2. I hope he gets well soon and saince you said he is hardly ill so let him enjoy the attention.... I believe women are strong to considering the way they run their homes...They are truly amazing though there are lazy women as well but in all, I think I will say men are the weaker sex. They also love to be pampered!!!

  3. Both sexes are strong, just that men love attention especially when they get married, they fancy themselves babies. While women are natural *nurturers they are programed to care and hold the fold.

    1. I like the word you used@natural nurturers.


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