Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Who should leave when the tension is high?

I promised y'all ‎ I was going to get to the root of this it here...if you missed it.
So, Mr 6ft hunk was probably released a day ago from police custody and hour glass cousin discharged from the hospital  but looking pale ‎. My amebo house wife neighbor that sees me as a breeder gave me the lowdown after my brief weekend vacation. 

She said there was a scuffle at Mr 6ft's residence in the morning again, though their was no presence of the police. Mrs offshore worker asked her cousin to return to the village, Mr 6ft refused saying she needs to be totally well and strong Before she leaves that's if she must go. Miss hour glass(cousin) is ready to go but Mr 6ft refused. It didn't end their, Mrs Off-shore worker asked Mr 6ft to leave the house so she can clear her head and sort herself claiming the house is for her. Mr 6ft once again refused saying his monetory effort might not be put in the building of the house but his physical effort was put to make it look as it is now.

This is the current status of the situation as at the time of this publication, this drama is so twisted I don't pray to be in any of their shoes. 

Is the wife right to ask her husband to leave their home? Is the stand of the man in the entire situation right?‎

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  1. Lemme go read the first part!!!

  2. choi!!!! i swear eh, that her cousin is all shades of evil... after getting pregos and doing abortion she's still waiting for the man to defend her. it means she wan use style usurp the madam of the house or become second wify... and that lousy son of Adam called mr 6 ft still da do gra gra#mtschew# well, for the wife eh... nne,this is Africa, the man will not leave the house for u o... this tin da pain me sha... like u said its twisted and i will nevver be in her shoes IJN.. i hope she comes out of this strong with her family intact... no woman deserves this nonsense abeg...


  3. Lmao@ all shades of evil. I cant deal with such biko.

  4. Lols the woman is still being nice, she needs to get the police again to remove the nuisance from her house. If she needs to clear her head then that's what she should do.

    1. I believe a small part of her still loves him...


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