Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Common mistakes made by women in marriage/relationships. Pt 6.

I am glad that loads of women are finding their men in what we have been discussing and I am more excited about the changes taking place.
Trust me the intention isn’t for you to accept a behaviour that is damaging to the family; the goal is for you to understand his tendencies without seeking to make him into the James Hardly that is in your head.

Accepting people and building rapport without passing judgement is the first step in influencing them. How do you influence a man when you have never allowed the real person show up because you have positioned yourself as an headmistress whose mantra is ‘My way or no other way’

The third spouse is that guy that annoys you because it takes forever for him to make up his mind on critical matters. How do you handle a man that you have shared something that is urgent to you with and he has asked for time to process it yet has not fully processed it after 2years?

How do you handle this guy who is never able to stand up to anyone simply because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone and would rather hurt himself than say No to family members who have turned him into their ATM machine?
His motto is slow and steady wins the race but that slowness seem to be hurting everyone because it is a big truck that has chosen to move slowly but has not also allowed faster cars behind him to move? Welcome to the world of the dependable truck. The truck is a loyal servant who is almost ready to serve for the rest of his life even when the environment is no longer favourable because he is not sure of what the future holds so would rather settle with the status quo

 He wants to relate with people in a warm manner so take things slow and never shout on him because that makes him withdraw. Don’t rush him because it takes some time to earn his trust and wants you to be sincere and interested in him. 


  1. Its a great thing you are doing, an insightful post series no doubt.

  2. Sounds like a lil bitchass to me!! Tell dude to man the f up!!

  3. Nice write up but you didn't tell us how to now abi? *scrolls up

  4. Abeg. all these men sha. The dullard of them is the most irritating. Imagine deliberating on a matter for 2 years. I just can't deal

    1. They are termed the slow decision makers.


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