Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Common mistakes made in relationships/marriages by women. Pt 5.

Various authors have written extensively about the 4 types of temperaments that exist & same way we tend to classify people along these 4 lines.
As popular as this subject is I still find it strange that loads of women still find it tough accepting the personality of the man they married even when it was never hidden from day .

 While I don’t support men who hide under the guise of temperament to misbehave an understanding of your man’s tendency should arm you with enough arsenal to handle him.

The Intimidating spouse - He is a typical African man who will never cede leadership to anyone. He is driven by projects and work such that relationship is secondary. He is too busy to notice what you wear or a change of hairdo and loves to set the rules as against diplomacy. He is a workaholic and expresses anger when you don’t measure up to his expectations. He loves a woman that is intellectually sound and that can use her initiative to fix things without questioning his authority.

For him, service is critical and you must avoid argument because you won’t win. Serve him, produce results for him, be brief when you have something to share with him and always suggest ways to achieve results. Don’t get upset when he forgets important days that matter to you because it is not intentional. However, this doesn’t mean you must become a dummy. Personal development is key to earning his respect & that is the way to become indispensable to him.

Sex, for him, is to ease stress so don’t be surprised at how fast he rushes the entire process and how unromantic he could be after the act. There is a skill to helping him become romantic.

To be continued...

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful husband *she says very sarcastically*

  2. ah!!! today i read the kinda men u shud avoid and now common mistakes.... dear lord, i look soloey to u in choosing a spouse... all dis drama eh!!! i no just fit

    Nigerians can be very competitive eh! Even in spiritual things.
    Me: my head day pain me.
    Colleague: your own small, my head, neck, waist, everywhere dey pain me. read

    1. you will pull through when the time is ripe, you won't need to be told you are ready to shoulder the responsibilities.

  3. A certain man I know fits this description entirely. It is well sha. Another thing is that this kind of men also have an upside to them o...and with the Holy Spirit, there is hope for improvement


    1. you are very correct, always room for improvement. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Lol this is so my bf....it may sound difficult but trust me this type of men is the most disciplined trustworthy you can find, all you have to do is position yourself as an asset, a partner in crime, a mom and never be a liability, and you've got him. And prolonged arguments will never work, if he's offended me I'll just tell him and go my way, he'll apologize at his own time lol.

    1. Good step you are taking, understanding your spouse is key.


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