Friday, 7 August 2015

Common mistakes made in marriages/ relationships by women. PT1

                                 Comparing your spouse with your friend’s spouse

The key to getting the best out of your spouse is reading his user’s manual, accepting him for who he is and hand
ling him the way he was configured to function. Unfortunately we find it tough to step into his model of the world because we want him to do things the way we are not the way he is.

There is no man that can’t be influenced but it takes a highly skilled woman to get the job done. The creative spouse’s speciality is fun & creativity and that is why you can’t but become his best pal as his babe because he is highly expressive hence the need for you to be secured in yourself lest you make a non - existent movie of suspicion out of what he does. Trust me your task is to ensure your delivery consistently exceeds what anyone else would have to offer.

Your reasoning skills & mannerism can’t be traditional if you are married to this guy because to him ‘Life is fun’ & how you speak to him is such an integral part of handling him because often times loads of women married to such a man use words like ‘Indiscipline, unserious, flirty’ even in religious circles we call him carnal and unspiritual(because of his non conformist nature & detest for stereotypes) not knowing that is a direct attack on his personality. He is such a good actor once he sees that the environment becomes stiff & hypocritical & lest I forget his love languages are predominantly words of affirmation and touch so you must consistently deploy both.

Sex to him must involve a lot of creativity because he loves to explore & that is why you must seek to adjust to him & not what someone else who isn’t your husband is teaching you as the ideal way to have sex. If you can master this man & consistently turn his head with your attention to your appearance you would see the best of him & he will consistently open amazing doors for the family.

To be continued...

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  1. Great thoughts and perspective. Greetings!

  2. I'm beginning to enjoy your blog. Kudos

  3. Only a foolish woman compares her hubby to anoda.......been a while,great write up as always

  4. Nice writeup. I totally agree.
    Keep it up.

  5. I agree with your write up. Kudos.

  6. Came here from NSG's blog and must say dis is illuminating. As much as it's important for women to understand their men and not compare them with any other, men must also be ready to understand and not compare their spouse with others too, remember, It takes two to tangle successfully. A successful relationship is based on give and take by those involve. Two can't work together & succeed except they are willing to agree n sacrifice mutually. My take.

    1. Excellent piece Sebastine. Coming from a man is assuring, thanks for stopping by. Please visit more often.

  7. Great. Missing article that could have saved a lot of marriages.


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