Saturday, 8 August 2015

Comparing your spouse with your friend's spouse PT2

                               Comparing your spouse with your friend’s spouse

The intimidating husband has got his ‘mumu’ button that calms him down but it must be discovered and applied so that you can consistently win. Unfortunately loads of women mix up their identity with their roles as a wife and not being able to draw the difference is what sabotages the peace you desire.

I once shared that a female is simply a man trapped in a feminine body & that is why she must aspire to dream audacious dreams & start a record breaking pursuit ever before marriage because the way you are perceived by a suitor is critical to the reception you will receive when you eventually marry. If you don’t come to the table of marriage from a position of strength as a woman that is complete & has got the ability to exist without marriage the man will see you as additional burden or responsibility and that is not where you ever want to be.

Your identity must never be compromised as a wo(Man) made in God’s image however your role as the wife to this intimidating guy also comes with some role description because the word wife is from the word Hebrew word ‘Ezer’ which means the type of help that only God can supply which in Greek is translated as ‘Paraklete’. What that means sometimes your counsel would be discounted even when it is correct & at such time you have the right to ‘grieve’ but it must be matched with the buffer capacity to ‘FORE(in advance)+ Give(gift)

 Internalizing this is critical in handling this man because you will master the skill of ‘suggestion’ as against ‘instruction’ or ‘command’ & you will prepare to be ignored without getting upset but the key to maintaining your happiness at that point is to switch from the garment of wife to woman because your happiness is tied to identity not your role.

To be continued...

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